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  1. Oldmodelt, you can add me on Xbox. I don't get online as much as I used to, but I only run Custom rooms to avoid the "Meat Grinder" public rooms.  Gamer Tag: Michaei Watts
  2. I would like a game based on a Real Series.. like ALMS,  LMS, Indy, or Something with more than just a small  sample of everything in it. I realize the game needs to appealing to all types by making the 5 disciplines, but you can tell that Touring is the most popular. They could still focus on a Real Series and use the others to progress through Career mode and still have them available for online play. Just a thought. 
  3. I enjoy Career mode, but really its the achievements that drive me on that side of the game. But if you want to have fun run in a league against a set group of guys just like a Real-Life Series.  I only wish they would give more support to Leagues with more Custom Cup options Online. 
  4. Maybe that was part of the deal with Codemaster's is they could only use the Name Eibach and only have to give out prizes when pressed. 
  5. I like detail, if your rig can not handle it dial back your display settings or add more RAM. Also unless you have very little RAM the detail in the game is not a RAM issue, it is a VRAM issue which can be solved via a dedicated GPU. Many PC guys build rigs specifically to get every bit of available detail, telling codies to roll back to 16 bit graphics is not in my opinion what the majority of PC gamers want.   There are settings available in the game to dumb down graphics to let you play the game on a machine with limited capabilities already. My only complaint with recent codies gr
  6. Yeah, I just Google Mapped the San Fran Course and did street view.  It's close but not really. They took alot of liberties in spending all of our available RAM on details that aren't even right. The sad part is the San Francisco course would not be the least bit feasible as a real world course. I've still yet to look from the top of Mt Panorama. Dial back the detail and give us our damn mirrors.  Look at it for yourself.  Starts at The Embardacero, right on Howard, right on Steuart, left on Market, slight right onto California, right on Davis, right on Market again, around Mech
  7. The stupid thing is Grid 1 had mirrors and a fairly detailed cockpit. So where did they go wrong???Consoles haven't changed since that came out. Adding too much detail to shit that doesn't matter like a bridge or an adult magazine store front in downtown San Francisco shouldn't take away from the racing. Mirrors are kinda important in racing. Least they could have done is give us a spotter. 
  8. Taco, Or someone, what is their email address?? I need to reply to them. They have have my old Windstream address and now I'm with Time Warner. Windstream cut me off with no option to forward my emails. I should have a jacket or vest coming to me.  :o
  9. Maybe it was all a scam anyway to get our personal info... LoL. 
  10. I've got nothing but then again my email changed and I haven't heard from them at all. They do have my physical address. 
  11. Wow, just winning with a Keyboard is pretty amazing. Congrats. Get you a wheel and have some fun. I promise you the wheel makes driving so much fun. However, I still think Pad users still hold a time advantage just like every other Codies Games. 
  12. I know it worked when I updated all my 28 cars with my club livery without the game freezing. Usually the game would freeze and crash after I updated my livery on 6-8 cars. Now I can design without having to dashboard the game to do a race after updating a livery. 
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