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  1. You don’t know me either so don’t tell me to do the same.
  2. Exactly, some people fail to realise that. I didn’t have a problem before this patch and don’t have a problem with any other games or previous F1 games. The dude just can’t accept that Codemasters is at fault.
  3. Also I’ll add @steviejay69 I’ve updated the firmware, and as I predicted, it didn’t work.
  4. Well when you still haven’t received podium points when you’ve paid extra for the game to include them and the constant server issues (not internet issues) that are happening to 50% of the people I play with and now a massive wheel issue that makes the game unplayable, then yes I will have an attitude about it as I’ve spent my hard earned cash on a game that doesn’t work. So keep your opinions to yourself. PS the game doesn’t work if you can’t do a lap does it
  5. I have a TX and I shouldn’t have to update my firmware for it to work. It’s a brand new TX. My friends that are using TMX’s and Fanatec also have the same problem. This isn’t a hardware issue, it’s Codemasters making another buggy **** unplayable game.
  6. Yeh that didn’t work, as I’ve already said
  7. 1.  Thrustmaster TX Wheel (Ferrari F1 Add on) Brake = look back Wheel left = look left Wheel right = look right 2. Xbox 3. 1.05 (Just installed the update) 4. Online racing , Grand Prix, Time Trial, etc. All of them 5. What are your replication numbers? Happening all the time 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Restarted wheel 5 times, restarted the game 3 times, tried every preset in the controls, tried unbinding ‘look behind and left/right’, tried my old wheel, tried 3 different pedal sets This needs fixing right now, not in next patch! The game is unplayable.
  8. I’m also having this issue, tried everything you have and still no joy! This game is an utter joke
  9. I’m also having this issue since the 1.05 patch! Never had it before this patch! I’ve literally tried everything! I’m now re-installing the game to see if that works I’m on Thrustmaster TX
  10. I am on wheel (Thrustmaster TX with Ferrari F1 add on). Since updating to patch 1.05 on Xbox, everytime I brake it looks behind as well! I’ve tried restarting my Xbox, restarting the game, tried all the different wheel presets in the settings, tried disabling ‘Look behind’, I’ve also re-installed the game and I still have the same issue. I’ve also tried my old wheel and 3 different pedals sets and it still does the same thing! This is on top of not receiving my pit coins either and having constant server issues (I’ve never lagged out of a session previously and my internet is fine). This is not acceptable! CODEMASTERS FIX YOUR GAME ASAP!