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  1. Having tried to play ranked this morning and managed 2 races in over an hour, I agree this is not acceptable. Joining errors, getting kicked out of lobbies, the information being shown in the lobby is inaccurate. How this experience has gone backwards from F1 2020 (which wasn't great either) is beyond me, especially considering that F1 itself is showcasing eSports on this game and should be at the cutting edge of online racing experience.
  2. I'm sure I read a similar suggestion last year in this forums which got noticed and got a very positive reaction. Seems like it got put into the list of good ideas that improve gameplay but that aren't as important as adding in another story mode.
  3. Getting this too. Almost took my arm off the first time. Not ideal.
  4. Another good idea that won't be included in the game 👍
  5. Not so much being "rewarded" for having no assists, but agree there needs to be more benefit to turning them off as the likelihood of mistakes (and losing time) is far higher.
  6. Agree. 8 and 9 in particular are desperately needed.
  7. Fully agree with the comments above. Go big on F1 2022 with EA money and next gen platforms.
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