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  1. Had this problem too. Delta on the straights you can go pretty fast. Around tight corners the delta plummets to the red unless you're basically at a standstill.

  2. Personally the limits in the game are very consistent. As soon as all 4 wheels go over the white line it's a warning.

    But, in real F1 the curbs are within track limits too hence no warnings that we get in game. Game should probably be updated to match but it's a low priority in the list of other problems to resolve. 

  3. Surely have to be absolute values otherwise it makes it impossible to compare or benchmark setups against each other.

    I think default balanced setups are different at each track which would indicate absolute values, otherwise default would be exactly the same values on every track but have different performance. 

    Just my thoughts but don't know for sure. 

  4. Turned off traction and ABS from 2019 to 2020 to make playing more realistic and more rewarding, and I'm half a second quicker on most tracks this year (comparing my time Vs record TT times). If I would've been quicker leaving the assists on all along that's a bit frustrating.

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  5. It's either because the matchmaking system is poor (which it is) or there aren't enough players looking for 25% races (probably also true). The points are irrelevant for me, just want some clean races which are hard to find in unranked. 

  6. It doesn't seem like much works on this game and the online experience has gotten worse if anything. It's a disgrace that an unfinished product has been released, especially having paid extra for early access. Regularly have to quit the same, can't see people's names in ranked lobbies, ranked lobbies still puts you in lobbies on your own even though there are obviously lobbies around, TT doesn't load. Big shame considering the gameplay is very good. 

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  7. I've become more and more frustrated with this game. Ranked lobby 5 laps is fine and if you and a friend search long enough at the same time you can get in the same lobby, but that as a system is ridiculous. Unranked lobbies are completely unpredictable and if you want to set one up to be in control of who can stay, it takes an hour before anyone joins. The ranked element needs to be there as there are consequences to crashing. 


    Game is great, the online system is a bit of a shambles. Adding invites to ranked lobbies is one place to start to make it better. 

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