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  1. 1.Schumacher 2. Digital 3. June 26th 4. No 5.gamertag- DXD ICHIGO this is the second time I’ve submitted this information in two weeks and still no update and still no pitcoins
  2. Deluxe/ Schumacher edition digitial June 18 no gamertag- DXD ICHIGO
  3. Malikavery9932

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Gamertag: DXD ICHIGO Platform: Xbox One S
  4. Malikavery9932

    How to get used to playing without racing line?

    Last one for me too. I’m taking it off for 2020 but what I tend to do is watch someone else who doesn’t use it who’s faster than you either slightly or the fastest in the world. Also, use the meter boards on the side of the track. You could also look for the racing line ingrained one every track although f1 games racing line is difficult to spot sometimes compared to Project Cars 2 and GTSport and IRacing
  5. Malikavery9932

    Time Trial not updating (xbox)

    Yeah same, I did a 1:21:058 at Australia last week and then a 1:20:199 yesterday but it still hasn’t updated. Ned to fix this for next game.
  6. My discord is 21jellis1. Just send you a friend request now
  7. Hello I’d be very interested in joining this league. I know one of my friends (gamer tag) Ritzy raccoon in tier two f1 and I race against Bdunk in another league I’m in.
  8. Malikavery9932

    (XBOX) FRL F1 League Looking For Drivers

    Yeah same for me