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  1. the problem with calling it a "kiddies game" as you say it, is a misrepresentation of the game and its audience, peppa pig is for "kiddies" hopscotch is for "kiddies" Formula 1 (in general not just the game) is intended for a general audience, so you calling it a "kiddies game" generally irks people by calling them children for playing the formula 1 game, and you keep saying that on purpose with full intention to annoy people.
  2. I'm definitely in the "for" crowd on this one, having schumacher or senna on my team just to spice things up is real nice, and only the player can pick them as an option for those who want the realism. i really dont see a downside here, they are available for people that want them and not forced for those who dont.
  3. ive seen alot on here that people are very sceptical about the EA aquisition, i however still think its a good thing, provided EA doesnt try to force the decision making to make the game grindier to add ways to skip the grind (with money), which it doesnt look like is the case, i have faith in codemasters, and EA on board can only be a good thing they have so many resources available to them now.
  4. @BarryBLi said this last year but you really deserve a raise haha the work you put in for the game and its community is amazing
  5. i would 100% bring back lotus im a sucker for the classics i guess
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