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  1. Dirt Rally 3 Gunpowder (Ft Guy Fawkes.)
  2. This event was held last weekend, can we have this location, Argyll Scotland, in Dirt Rally 3, thanks.
  3. Hit a small tree on stage one and got radiator damage, managed to crawl through the next 2 stages, but after service the car was still too damaged to even move off the Start line ! so I retired.
  4. Puncture on the first Stage in Finland, on Medium Tyres, changed back to Softs at first service and went ok after that.
  5. Yeah I am with you, I always have cooling and then engine issues in Australia, also some medium corners are deceptive in terms of speed and grip and when Phil says 'tightens' or raises his voice you better pay attention!
  6. Yes, I usually hate those 'Are you sure' buttons, but in this case it would be useful.
  7. Left Club by mistakešŸ˜Ÿ, so lost all my points up until Poland, ah it's only a game.
  8. I was going ok until a puncture and a reset on stage 5 spoiled things, I have learned not to go at 'angry speed' after incidents such as this and made it to the end ok. Like @Janneman60 I have a bad back, which isn't helped by sitting on a kitchen chair playing this game, so I don't use pedals at all. I have mapped the Thrustmaster T150 so that right paddle is throttle, left Paddle is brake, gear up and down are the top buttons, handbrake is circle button. I have to cadence brake and accelerate, since using the paddles means the brakes and throttle are either fully on or fully off.
  9. I had a clean run through Sweden, apart from a puncture 1/2 way through the second run in Hamra, did not change the tyre and only lost about 13 sec or so.
  10. Fantastic, great pace throughout the Rally, well done Jon and Phil !!
  11. I would like to keep the realistic performance attributes of the cars, however there could be an option in Dailies, Clubs etc to assign the Player a random car from that Class, you might get a quick car and be under pressure, as it were, to do the performance of the car justice, or you might get a slower car and have the challenge to get it further up the leaderboard than it's performance merits.
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