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  1. LekuURA

    Suggestion for F1 2020

    I think this is one topic that should help the casters. i've been in 3 customs leagues and i have notice casters doing very hard job to make their streams more close to original F1 My suggestion is to create custom broadcasting mode for casters, custom camera angles with binds, turns and etc, struggling to take the perfect camera angle when overtake happens. Just make them happy
  2. LekuURA

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    cup of coffe? 😂 comeone mate we are gonna need some painkiller if we wont be accepted for beta 🤔😭😭😭😭😭
  3. LekuURA

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    how many people will be accepted for beta testing?