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  1. This I agree with 100% Iv'e been gaming since the early 90s when Codemasters made some of the best games that worked right straight out of the box, The past few years Iv'e really gone off Codemasters as a company and all these constant server issues solidify my feeling about them which is a real shame, I honestly don't have anything nice to say about them at the minute because its just disappointment after disappointment at this point.
  2. Be nice if the servers actually worked, I even signed up just to complain about it, Either fix the servers or stop posting new challenges for us to play that we can't actually play because of the non working servers, Absolute joke just release a freaking patch to let us download and play the events offline and only require a connection to upload times! Bethesda games are more stable than your servers and that takes some doing to be that bad!
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