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  1. For me that is a problem relationated with exclusive license. When you don't have competition in those areas, at some point it becames harder to keep growing the franchise, like you said, some bugs are presents in the game for years and they really dont know how to fix it, perhaps a problem with the Ego Engine. For me, something must happen with the F1 franchise, Code split the license with other company or change the engine, who knows what gonna happen with EA now, could be a lot worse then now. I always dreaming with Kunos getting the license and provide us a real experience driving an f1 ca
  2. I have to agree with one of the comments of this video, F1 games from Codemaster can't be considered a "serious" game, like ACC for example, i know the game was not made for this, but it will be nice to see a "serious" F1 game made by other company, monopoly will never work in any area, I think people from casual gaming must be honored in the game, but more hardcore players must be too. The handling is much better from last year, but the pace of the game sometimes it's so wrong, even when you run a 100% race distance, it's looks so fast compare to real life. This drifting is disgusting
  3. I dont know how to see it, but could be the new tracks? One of the eSports driver said some days ago that he knew when the new tracks will come out, maybe Imola or Portimão, maybe both. Thanks for the news my man.
  4. Dont need to be bother with this, yet. The game was just release two days ago, I know it's kinda sad that we dont have any sources about it, but it's coming, they can release the tracks in 2 weeks, who knows.
  5. That is not true, if they are doing this so, we are getting the news tracks on F1 2022 and that dont make any sense at all. One official driver of eSports said yesterday that he know when the tracks will come out, but he are no allowed to talk about it. Probably Imola and Portimão comes first, then Jeddah. That is my guess, but 100% sure all this tracks will come this year.
  6. ParadoxAMG53


    Sorry, but the layout at the game it's not the same as real life. They could add to the game, but people will complain for that too, it's a complicate situation, i am glad that they did some changes at the game, like Suzuka, Canada and Abu Dhabi for example. They are adding some stuff already this year, it's clear for next year the tracks will be a lot more accurated and close to real life, besides the layout changes. The best way to get out of this is accept the fact. And to be honest, it's just a single Turn and you're not doing a 24h race at the Spain, and probably not doing some r
  7. If you look at this with a different perspective of view you will see why video game it's always faster then real life. Now, almost every official game with a license like F1, MotoGP and ACC with the Blancpain license, if you look at YouTube and search for hotlaps you will find some similar thing, all of them it's faster than real life. But why? If you think about what happens in real life, and what circumstances we need to put at the table, it's looks pretty clear. On a video game it's really hard to emulate a real life condition, like the wind, the grip of the track and the most i
  8. Tomorrow all kinds of reviews are getting release on websites and YouTube. I dont know about the release time, but maybe around 4PM UK or even early then this.
  9. Can you guys please tell me the coutdown on your console. I'm playing on steam, so we just have the "5 days" to official release, nothing associated with the Deluxe edition. Hope it's come out at 13th 00:00 UK TIME. I know it's showing 1d and 21h, but just for checking, i think it's around 1d 20:26 min right now.
  10. Hope there is some changes, cus China looks awesome, so much better then before. About the release time, well only three days, right. Hope comes early for me, but it's around the corner. Thank you.
  11. I am a bit dissapointed with the tracks, at least seeing on the trailer After seeing China in Braking Point with a lot of changes, i was expecting changes for the other tracks too, hope it's just the trailer. I know you cant say anything, but, changes was made for other tracks, right? Like Abu Dhabi i dont know if people realised that there is a long sausage kerb at the last corner, like IRL. And, other thing. The Deluxe Edition will come out at 13th July at exactly 0:00 UK TIME? If so, i will be able to play here in Brazil 12th July at 21h00 PM.
  12. @BarryBLCan you answer me a question, please. The Deluxe Edition will come out at 13th July at exactly 0:00 UK TIME? If so, i will be able to play here in Brazil 12th July at 21h00 PM. If someone knows the answer, i would love to know, thx.
  13. That is the problem when only a single company has the licence of F1. I think they are doing a great job year after year, but for me tbh they need to step up with tracks, getting a database of tracks, if you know what i mean, like hockenheimring, they have the track avaliable if for some reason the track came back at the calendar, so they just need to import into the game. MotoGP already have the new Turn 10 on Spain, and Portimão, and tbh the tracks from MotoGP in my opinion are so much better then what we have at F1 games. When you are playing the game, you really feel that you a
  14. More Screenshots for you guys. The track did not change for what i can see by the screenshots, but the effect on the lines and the track itself with more a "used" track, looks great.
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