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  1. 6 hours ago, LH44Wilson said:

    I'm getting to the point where I am starting to consider stopping playing this game- this is either until I know codemasters have fixed the glaring issues or just full stop. This is simply an unacceptable effort from codemasters because make no mistake about it, this is a beta. Inexcusable glitches, poor AI, worse looking graphics, unplayable multiplayer, 2020 performance of cars- the list really does go on. 

    My gut feeling now is that codemasters don't have the resources and knowledge on how to fix this game and series for good. Every year we all come on here and mention the same glitches that take months to fix and this then ends up breaking something else. 

    It also feels lazy. For example, the qualifying glitch whereby when you accelerate time in the session, the AI magically find half a tenth to a full on second which majority of the time, knocks you out of that session. This has been around since 2010 ! This is neglect of the highest order- i don't have time to sit there and watch AI cars going round for an hour to make sure they aren't glitching. 

    For years, I said I was going to stop playing fifa because I felt EA didn't care anymore, it took a while but I eventually did. I am going the same way with this franchise codemasters and that really saddens me because I have played this game since I was a child. This is as close as I can get to being a racing driver. That may sound sad but it is a sport I love and I want to experience it, you are ruining it with your neglect and inability to respect your community. Please give this game and future games the full treatment they need, this is our only real option of playing a fully fledged F1 game, we are loyal customers and just want to feel like we are being heard. 

    Sorry for the rant, I am just getting close to losing it with this game now !

    For me that is a problem relationated with exclusive license. When you don't have competition in those areas, at some point it becames harder to keep growing the franchise, like you said, some bugs are presents in the game for years and they really dont know how to fix it, perhaps a problem with the Ego Engine. For me, something must happen with the F1 franchise, Code split the license with other company or change the engine, who knows what gonna happen with EA now, could be a lot worse then now. I always dreaming with Kunos getting the license and provide us a real experience driving an f1 car, nothing against Codemasters, but more then a month of the release and still not a single screenshot from the new tracks. And no sign for the performance patch. 

  2. I have to agree with one of the comments of this video, F1 games from Codemaster can't be considered a "serious" game, like ACC for example, i know the game was not made for this, but it will be nice to see a "serious" F1 game made by other company, monopoly will never work in any area, I think people from casual gaming must be honored in the game, but more hardcore players must be too.
    The handling is much better from last year, but the pace of the game sometimes it's so wrong, even when you run a 100% race distance, it's looks so fast compare to real life.

    This drifting is disgusting to see, even eSports drives dont take this game to serious, it's kinda sad, well, you need to explore any limit if you want to beat those cheaters on TT. 


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  3. 25 minutes ago, MadEvilBeavis76 said:


    Look at this. It looks like a patch is coming in a few days. In the packages are a lot of kinect files. This is for the PC steam version, Maybe the X Box is getting a bigger patch and not 1.04. They work definetly on the kinect speech problem. I hope this will fix the AI performance too, the raytracing issues, audio mix (DRS Beep, Jeff and so on) I will wait now and play my team and single player carreer mode  again when the patch is released. I hope they are not rushing the patch out to produce more issues that coming with the new update. 

    I hope this will patch the AI and car performance too.


    This could be a big one. I´ve looked into the QA Test Branch link. The testing files are 39,8 GB big. 

    Edit: I´m sorry I´ve posted the wrong link. This is the right link now.


    I dont know how to see it, but could be the new tracks? 
    One of the eSports driver said some days ago that he knew when the new tracks will come out, maybe Imola or Portimão, maybe both. 
    Thanks for the news my man. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, Cappachino78 said:

    They are coming to this game that is already confirmed. Probably this year, but i read that some people think there not gonna be ready until january. And that is next year, but still for 2021 game. But novody knows. My guess is that at least one track is out in september

    Dont need to be bother with this, yet. The game was just release two days ago, I know it's kinda sad that we dont have any sources about it, but it's coming, they can release the tracks in 2 weeks, who knows. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, Cappachino78 said:

    Nobody knows. Some think its not even this year...

    My guess is that they do one track, then release it and then do the next one.

    That is not true, if they are doing this so, we are getting the news tracks on F1 2022 and that dont make any sense at all. 

    One official driver of eSports said yesterday that he know when the tracks will come out, but he are no allowed to talk about it. 

    Probably Imola and Portimão comes first, then Jeddah. That is my guess, but 100% sure all this tracks will come this year. 

  6. 2 hours ago, FIE said:

    Spain 2020. Scandal! Shame! Layout is already there…

    Sorry, but the layout at the game it's not the same as real life. 
    They could add to the game, but people will complain for that too, it's a complicate situation, i am glad that they did some changes at the game, like Suzuka, Canada and Abu Dhabi for example. They are adding some stuff already this year, it's clear for next year the tracks will be a lot more accurated and close to real life, besides the layout changes. 

    The best way to get out of this is accept the fact. And to be honest, it's just a single Turn and you're not doing a 24h race at the Spain, and probably not doing some races at every day in Spain. 


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  7. If you look at this with a different perspective of view you will see why video game it's always faster then real life.

    Now, almost every official game with a license like F1, MotoGP and ACC with the Blancpain license, if you look at YouTube and search for hotlaps you will find some similar thing, all of them it's faster than real life. But why? If you think about what happens in real life, and what circumstances we need to put at the table, it's looks pretty clear. 

    On a video game it's really hard to emulate a real life condition, like the wind, the grip of the track and the most important thing, drivers need to go fast but at the same time care for his life.

    Do you really think RedBull or Mercedes cant go faster on Bahrain for example? Do you realise how difficult it's to balance the car, to be fast in Qualy and at the race? If we can put the same conditions of video game on real life, i bet the time will be a lot closer. On a video game you can use and abuse things like ABS, lines etc.

    This is a good thing of F1 and other series, you dont need to be a real drive to reach those times, look at you, doing a 25.0 in Bahrain, how many F1 cars did you drove in your life? 

    Video game was made to have fun, the game it's not perfect i know, but being faster than real life isn't a problem at all.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, DANDREWTHOMSON said:

    When are the Reviews coming in for the game.

    Tomorrow all kinds of reviews are getting release on websites and YouTube. I dont know about the release time, but maybe around 4PM UK or even early then this. 

  9. Can you guys please tell me the coutdown on your console. 

    I'm playing on steam, so we just have the "5 days" to official release, nothing associated with the Deluxe edition.

    Hope it's come out at 13th 00:00 UK TIME.

    I know it's showing 1d and 21h, but just for checking, i think it's around 1d 20:26 min right now.

  10. 1 minute ago, PJTierney said:

    I don't have definitive details on the release time or any potential track revisions, sorry. (not witholding anything, simply don't have the info)

    Hope there is some changes, cus China looks awesome, so much better then before. 

    About the release time, well only three days, right. Hope comes early for me, but it's around the corner. Thank you. 

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  11. 58 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Launch trailer dropping soon, it's almost race time 🙂 




    I am a bit dissapointed with the tracks, at least seeing on the trailer

    After seeing China in Braking Point with a lot of changes, i was expecting changes for the other tracks too, hope it's just the trailer.

    I know you cant say anything, but, changes was made for other tracks, right? Like Abu Dhabi i dont know if people realised that there is a long sausage kerb at the last corner, like IRL.

    And, other thing. 

    The Deluxe Edition will come out at 13th July at exactly 0:00 UK TIME? If so, i will be able to play here in Brazil 12th July at 21h00 PM.

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  12. @BarryBLCan you answer me a question, please. 

    The Deluxe Edition will come out at 13th July at exactly 0:00 UK TIME?

    If so, i will be able to play here in Brazil 12th July at 21h00 PM.

    If someone knows the answer, i would love to know, thx.

  13. 10 minutes ago, AndRe5550148 said:

    Unfortunately, they have such an approach not to work hard and sell the game almost unchanged every year, players should not buy for the premiere and wait until they update everything and people write a lot and buy anyway.
    I personally do not buy 2021 until new tracks are added and I am waiting for the game discount because it is not worth the full price in my opinion

    That is the problem when only a single company has the licence of F1. 

    I think they are doing a great job year after year, but for me tbh they need to step up with tracks, getting a database of tracks, if you know what i mean, like hockenheimring, they have the track avaliable if for some reason the track came back at the calendar, so they just need to import into the game. 

    MotoGP already have the new Turn 10 on Spain, and Portimão, and tbh the tracks from MotoGP in my opinion are so much better then what we have at F1 games. When you are playing the game, you really feel that you are actually at that track, like Assen the GP of this weekend, if you guys dont have see it, go check on YouTube.

    Like @CptBalloonhandssayd before, the list of tracks and tracks changes for next year it's getting bigger, and if they dont start to make those changes ASAP they will have some problems at the future. 
    If you're a casual player, at the first view you wiil see not a single difference between real life and the game, but for me, when you expend more time in the track driving you start noticing that they are far from real life at some aspects, they need to look close to this.

    But answering your question: Yes, i would love to see Turkish GP at the game, Nurburgring and Mugello it's on my wish list too.

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  14. 7 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    When they show the schedule in the video, Canada isn't on the calendar.   So I woudln't be so sure of that.

    Yeah because it's the Real Season Start, you can't start the season on Canada since they dont race there this year.

    The track will be at the game, dont worry, the new trailer has a lot of shots from Canada. 

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  15. 17 minutes ago, SennaNum1 said:

    First of all i am not here to bash this game like most. This is constructive criticism. I also fully acknowledge the massive steps forward codemasters have made in the past few years in the F1 gameing world.

    Things lacking in F1 games for the past 5 years that make me skip buying once again in 2021.


    (1) No VR support yet again. (no VR is not dead, as a matter a fact in E3 2021 a new set was shown named Valve Index VR Kit)

    (2) No red flags. Very basic yet still not there, lack of immersion

    (3) Where is the Aston Martin Safety car? If its been added and just not shown yet you can disregard this.

    (4) No working cranes. This is a feature i been fighting for years and years. Still not giving up hope. Lack of immersion. Hate it when cars just disappear on their own. And yes this can be done. In fact there is an old F1 game not by Codemasters that had this feature. if it was done when technology and games were on its infancy i see no problem why it cannot be added now after so many advacements in tech.

    (5) No team orders... specially during crucial moments.

    (6) Damage model in 2021 is a lot more sensitive yet still very basic in the way parts break.

    (7) No medical car when you have a big crash. Lack of immersion. Would like to be picked up if the crash light comes on and taken to the medical center.

    (8) No manual formation lap. AI still takes over once you have reached the grid area. I would like to do my own burnt outs and stop in my spot myself.

    (9) No basic telemetry to compare lap times and find out where you lack speed. Would be nice to know where on the track you need to improve. 

    (10) Car set ups. Far too technical for new comers. Needs a more extensive and simple explenation on how each setting affects the car and in what way. Unless you are a veteran and know how to set up cars you are otherwise lost.  Gifted F1 2020 to a friend and novice in F1 games and the F1 world in general. Took me hours to explain how to do set ups.

    (11) Silly unrealistic practice objectives should be refined. Like the track acclimatization objective. I dont know who tought it would be cool driving the car trough squares placed over the asphalt. It looks just wrong and Its also too easy. 

    (12) Start lights. Predictable. You can count in seconds the exact moment lights go out on every track. Lights out sequence should be a lot more unpredictable just like in reality. 

    (13) Pitstop mistakes. I want to sometimes see myself or AI have tyres put on wrong and other mistakes. And at times having the chance to fix tyres if you are still in the pit area by having your car rolled back by the crew just like in reality.

    thank you for reading. Hope to someday see these features so i can once again buy and enjoy F1.

    A lot of real "sims" don't have 50% of the immersion that the Code have at the game.

    Of course a lot of things is missing on F1 game. Let's talk about your countdown. About VR most of the players come from consoles, so basicly the VR market it's so small that they think it's no necessary (for now) to add at the game, but i agree with you, they have VR on Dirt, why not on F1, right? But like i said before, a small group of people uses VR. 
    About Red Flags the idea is nice, but no necessary tbh, they add some emotion IRL but for a game, it's too much unnecessary. No medical car, well ACC a big Sim on the market dont even have a SafetyCar or a properly Yellow Flag system, on F1 you have a fully SafetyCar and VSC, with the positive Delta. I agree when you talk about "freedom" like in formation lap and on pit stops, 100% agree, they need this ASAP. About the Starting lights, i desagree, i dont know what difficulty you play, but for me, the Starting lights change a lot, even just on a simple restart. 

    Well the game it's no perfect, but no one it's, a lot of Real drivers says that iRacing is far from real life, so, Code have the perfect balance between Sim and Arcade, and tbh with the new tyres model and improve FFB, they are on the sims path, that's my opinion. 

    Dont take it personal, i think is to easy to come here and complain about Code works, but if you look at other Sims forum, they will be complain about something too. Have a nice day, hope they can add as much as possible from your wish list, the ideas will add more fun at the game for sure. 

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  16. 25 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    It looks like Canada has been removed from the calendar and game I assume?   What a shame.  Last year all we head was "no changes to calendar/tracks because we are replicating the 2020 season and calendar"    Guess that gets thrown out the window this year... well; when it's convenient anyways such as not updating Australia and Spain.   I sure hope they leave Canada in so you can at least drive it in Grand Prix and Time Trial mode it was on the calendar up until a few weeks ago, so if we're following last years "logic" train then it should still be there; right? Can anyone at least confirm this?



    They use the first official Calendar of the year, so Canadá still in the game, same for Singapore, all the tracks from the first official calendar are still in the final game, if in real like they change or add some track, like Turkey they will not add the track in the game. 

  17. New damage model, new tyres model. 

    I dont know if you guys saw it, but on Steam they add this "F1® 2021 delivers all these features with a stunning graphical uplift, better loading times, improved force feedback, and a much more detailed damage model."

    For me, seeing a "Improved force feedback" it's the real deal, a really nice point to talk about. 

    Yeah, the game costs twice the price, for some regions, and still bellow the real price, for example here in brazil the game cost 49$ USA = 249 BRL, but the game itself on steam costs 59$ USA = 298 BRL, it's twice the price for some regions but could be alot worse. 

    The game cannot have a new engine, but to be honest almost of the people still using PS4/Xbox One, so they need to provide the same experience for both generations, i think for 2023 we can see a fully next gen game, and PS4/Xbox One left behind with a old Ego Engine. For now, i think better physics + ffb it's the goal. 

  18. Just now, Neomo said:

    Ok, for me 2k nba career is miles ahead but nwm. I just dont like to play like someone else in sports games 🙂

    I know playing with your own character it's much better, perhaps they can make it like MotoGP, you can drive a licence Bike with you character on normal race mode or even on Time Trial mode, not just on career mode. 

  19. 1 minute ago, Neomo said:

    And point is? He said BP looks like 2K career and i said no it isnt it is just copy of  Journey. Do you want to disagree?

    Ok, i got you point, for me it's a little of both tbh. 

    But maybe you're assuming that they did "copy" the style from Journey since the EA bought CM. I dont know, maybe they got inspired from Journey and not just copy because of EA.

    But, if they did, Journey was one of the best thing that EA have made for FIFA in years, and to me it's fine, it's a nice addition for the game, even if i will no be playing this mode. 

  20. 33 minutes ago, Neomo said:

    Sorry but are u blind man? Braking point is paste of Journey from Fifa.Did u ever play NBA 2K career? U can create and face scan your player.Sign with real sneakers brands. In breaking point you will play as predefined driver exactly like Journey :D.

    But they are working on this game for years, since 2019 to bo honest and the same team whos created the Devon Butler and Weber, are back for the Braking Point, stop assuming that they did it because of EA, when EA bought CodeMasters the game are almost in the final stage, i know some people complains about EA, but start making this accusations and affirmations at next year, this 2021 game it's all about Code and their hard work.

  21. 36 minutes ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    Oh I see what you mean. Yeah I agree. That kerb is super annoying. It's possible that whoever built the collision for that kerb built it slightly too tall or the angle is not smooth enough, or it maybe something more deeply engrained in the way the game processes kerb physics globally throughout the game. I'm really not sure.

    And what we have seen an early footage, maybe it's even worse, the elevation + the new curb system, i dont know where they found those things, like the bump on Suzuka, this is clearly wrong and they didnt fix it. For what you wroted in this topic, it's no that easy to fix it, and a lot of work it's necessary just for a single turn, but the elevation change maybe they can do it, hope it's better when the full release come. 

  22. 1 minute ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    The bus stop chicane in Spa. Yeah the track surface is too flat compared to its real-life counterpart. It wouldn't take very long to fix it, maybe a few days or so. I'm just estimating this based on the tools I know and work with, but they may have internal tools to speed up some of these processes.

    Not sure what you mean by Turn 11 in Spain being flat. It's certainly at an angle, and not flat. Flat means _______________ . A straight line. Anything other than that means a lot more work is involved in adjusting things that connect to the track surface, like kerbs, gravel etc.

    I mean in the game you have to lift the throtlle a bit to not spun in the game, when in the real life they can basicly go flat on throtlle on turn 11. At least the turn 11 shouldnt upset the car as much as the game does. But thanks for the answers.

  23. 8 minutes ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    Sure. First of all, when I say 2 weeks I mean ten 8-hour days. I would probably need a little bit less than that, but I would use the remaining time to polish my changes.

    Here is Turn 10 for reference.



    The new Turn 10 is a brand new corner, not just from the top, but in X, Y and Z dimensions as well, meaning there is a new & different elevation change throughout the turn, compared to the existing turn and the old, wider Turn 10 that was used as a run-off zone previously. This means I would have to basically completely rebuild the turn from scratch. Get rid of the old run-off zone, the kerbing, line decals, green concrete patches, gravel pit and then re-draw the corner from the top down with what is called the Spline Tool in 3Ds Max. You basically draw the shape of the corner as a line and then convert it into a 2D-plane (the asphalt). Then you need to match the exact shape of the turn in all 3 dimensions. Since no laser-scanning is available, this is done by hand (or by eye rather). This process can be quite time consuming. Also, keep in mind when I say "build the new turn" I mean you build the turn in isolation first, THEN attach it to the old geometry.

    Okay so let's say you finally have finished building your new turn. But now you need to connect it to the geometry where the old turn and old run-off used to be. This is where the fun begins. You now have the job of painfully stitching the new turn to the geo of the straight and to the remains of the old T10. You'll notice on the photo the kerbing on the old turn has been removed. When you delete the kerbs on the old turn, the information won't automatically fill in for you. You need to fill the hole with whatever it is they replaced the kerb with. Asphalt, grass, whatever it is, and then do proper surface transitions between the different materials. Oh and don't forget, since the elevation changed on the new turn 10, that means you will also have to update the elevation on the gravel pits and terrain surrounding the turn as well. This is again done by hand. and you need to manually stitch the gravel to the new geometry changes so that the new piece of track doesn't float above where the old gravel pit used to be. Everything needs to be seamless.

    Before I go any further, any significant change in geometry also means you need to re-UV your textures to the new geo. UV Mapping, also known as "unwrapping" means unfolding every single face or triangle into a flat 2D texture space and then packing that space and aligning it with your 2D textures. For stuff like gravel it's easier, because you'd be using a tileable texture. So you can basically select all the whole gravel pit, click a button, attach all the faces together quickly and then scale it to the right size. For stuff like kerbing, you'd have a texture that tiles horizontally only, so all your curved geo (such as the curved kerbing) would have to be unwrapped into a straight strip. Doing so can result in texture stretching which again would need to be manually fixed. Time-consuming. Honestly, UV mapping is the most annoying and time-consuming part of any of this probably. Check out some Youtube videos about UV Mapping in 3DS Max. Yeah. It's about as fun as it looks. I recommend a couple beers before you hit play.

    I think the changes to Turn 10 also resulted in a larger run-off area behind the turn, so the position of the tire barriers etc probably has changed as well. You'll want to update those too. Similar steps to above.

    Likewise, the tire marks that are visible through the turn... not sure how they did them, but I suspect floating decals. So you'll have to place those as well and make them follow the new curvature of the turn and UV map the planes individually. Speaking of UV Mapping. When you do this, you will need to scale each texture to assure the texel ratio is consistent across the track. Not very hard, but it's an added annoyance that, again, eats up some time in the process. 

    Okay so let's say you have successfully built the new turn, unwrapped all your new geometry, successfully attached it to the old track, removed kerbing on the old turn, placed new kerbing and unwrapped that as well, placed your tire mark decals, placed the new sponsoring on the new run-off zones, made sure your texel ratio is valid, adjusted track barriers, placed new paintlines following the updated geo... Now it's time for polish. You're obviously want material transitions where gravel pit meets asphalt, where grass meets gravel, where grass meets asphalt etc. Those are a separate textures with a transparent element in it that masks out the gravel at the edges. Masks for this likely can be re-used from other tracks but they would have to be unwrapped regardless. These would tile horizontally, so would have to be mapped into a straight strip once again. Ugh. Okay, let's assume you've done this for every part of the new turn, you can move on.

    You'll notice the grass in the game usually has some 3D elements to it as well to give it depth. These are separate assets that need to be hand-placed on top of the bare bones geometry. The geo for the grass is mostly just flat with a 2D texture that looks like grass. You place those '3D grass' objects onto the flat geo and if you do a good enough job at it you'll now have the illusion that the grass is volumetric and not just a painted surface.

    Ok so let's say you've done all that. Congrats, you're done. With the visual part. It's now time to update your collisions. A collision mesh is a lower density version of your visual mesh, it is lower density to save computing power and memory and usually would need to be done by hand if you want it to be fully optimized. Ok, so you can repeat all the steps I did above, except for the texturing and UV parts, and then manually delete edges throughout the geo to lower triangle density. If your collision is too high in detail you'll get yelled at and have your changes rejected. This will take some more time to finish.

    Once you've done all that, you've probably forgot to set logic materials for all the different surfaces (this is me basically all the time). So, just gotta go back in there and select all the different surfaces and set Asphalt to register as "Asphalt", "gravel" to "gravel", grass to "grass", etc. This will tell the game what physics and sound effects to apply when you interact with a specific surface.

    Now you're done and you submit your changes. You go on about your day and are happy you finally finished the new Turn 10. You start booking tickets for your next vacation. Just before 5PM on Friday afternoon you receive an email from a QA Tester that contains a list of previously unnoticed issues when you built the changes. Turns out, the cars now fall through the road when hitting the exit kerb. Oops, Guess you forgot to patch up all the holes in the collision mesh. Oh and there's another 5 issues you didn't foresee when you completed your task. You cancel your vacation and get back to work. The cries of F1 gaming fans echoing in your dreams as you fall asleep at night. 😄

    This is the (slightly over-dramatized) reality of a 3D Artist for video games. Hope it gave you some perspective. Thank you for attending my TED talk.


    What about the elevation change, like for turn 11 of Spain who's for me it should be flat, and the Bus stop chicane from Spa what in the game it's flat and should have at least a bit more of elevation, it's that hard to change just that? Like, they just need to swap basicly the both elevation, you can't go flat around turn 11 of Spain because of the elevation who unbalance the car, but you can run flat at bus stop chicane.

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