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  1. "Questions about F1 2021" or "Are Spain and Australia being updated" those post are the new "When Beta it's out" "Beta Questions", we just change the theme everyweek im curious about next week theme, maybe Classic cars? Who knows. Like @Ultra3142loves to say "Bear in mind" the game will answear those questions in about 3 weeks, keep calm ma man, the game it's almost out. And like i said in other post about the same question, Australia it's getting a new layout, yes, but we not even know if there will be a GP this year, they can cancell anytime.
  2. Perhaps make a single turn it's easy, but the other things like, manage to training AI in everysingle weather, racing line, overtakes, qualifying etc, i think it's a bit hard and not that easy, at least 3 months to properly finish the job without any bugs. I do prefer having Imola and Portimão insted of Australia, we not even know if there will be a race at there this year, they always can cancel the gp. I know it's sucks for some people not having those changes, but at least we will have 3 new circuits, and if we put Zandvoort and France in perspective, Imola and Portimão will be am
  3. Im afraid that there will be no changes for Australia or Spain, it's official, Code already asweared that question for some content creators. And the only track avaliable besides the official calender will be China, so, Vietnam are not coming back for this year. Maybe we can get the Turn 10 in the future after launch but it's only speculation.
  4. I think if you use the new HUD at the middle of the screen there will be no problem, but it's a bit off actualy
  5. Im asking myself and trying to understand when a Halo Hud can provide an extra advantage for who wants to use it. Using a TV-Cam it's an advantage, but having such a big thing on the halo obstructuring your view i dont think it's. But i agree, maybe they can work more on the dashboard of the wheel, it's look kinda simple.
  6. Well we all are watching a ton of gameplay on last 3 days, and some people liked the new HUD others hated. Some weeks ago people are trying to ask Codemaster if they can add a Halo HUD like in real footage by FOM, and in the some way they did. There's a way that Code can provide a lean angle to the HUD? With that people can put the HUD on the Halo and give them more immersive. @BarryBLIt's just an idea, but can help a lot of poeple. Credits to Tiametmarduk for the picture.
  7. Maybe they are trying to do their own stuff, it's really far from the real thing yeah, but they are "original". I Agree with you, if they just copy and paste the sound from onboards, people will be more satisfying with the game and perhaps play much more, bucause the imerssive thing, hope the new tyre model and handling are better, at least we have a minimon sound upgrade.
  8. It's more disappointed when you realising that they can make the F2 engine sound so close to the real thing, but for F1 they are really behind. But to be honest, the sound could be worse, it's not the greatest but it's acceptable. I think if they focus on just make the sound of the game close to the onboard sound in real life, no matter if the sound it's realistic or not, if FOM mix everything or not, it's better then have people complaining about it, that's more sad when you look at F2, they sound so much better and give you more immersive. This version it's a old version, it's a 1
  9. It's pretty normal to people be impatient, we are humans and this days maybe the game it's the only thing that can help people to forget some problems and have a nice and calm time, of course some of then just overreact and make such a dramatic scene, but it's understendable. The world need more love and comprehensiveness, not hate and judgement. So, now we have some official content coming to day, hope we can get hyped for those 40 days left to the game release. See you guys later, let's wait and have a nice time, let's waiting for @BarryBLcreating a post about the gameplay, see you
  10. Guys, I know it's sucks not be one of those who have been selected by @BarryBL and Codes. I didn't too and no worries about it! Keep in mind that the game will come in a month almost, those 16 days of July will pass so fast and to be honest the beta it's not a Early acess of the game, is a prototype just for the players help codies with bugs and other stuffs, keep this in mind, i know a lot of people wants to help codies, but some maybe are think that they will play the game early. How much more you wait, less you wait. The gameplay trailer is coming perhaps this friday or next week,
  11. They're improving the graphics year after year, so maybe to reach 120fps the compromise would be minimal if you compared to last year game, anyway, hope you can get 120fps without making the game ugly. W'ill see in a couple of days, it's almost June, so the gameplay will come shortly.
  12. Well your PS5 is a high end PC, i think will be no necessary any downgrade to run at 120 fps, and if you have a 120hz monitor will be fine a lot of fun, i wish i have a 120hz, but 70hz is fine for now.
  13. @UP100Did i miss the funny part?
  14. That's why i said "probably", just being a positive person 😄 And just to clarify, when i mean "new engine" a was talking about a new version of Ego engine, because F1 2020 was made on v4.0 and maybe F1 2021 it's getting a v5.0, maybe 😉
  15. I agree, if they start using a new engine like Unreal Engine 5, then we can expect a full overhaul of the game, new tracks etc. But i think, if they manage to introduce ray tracing in this year game, probably they're using a new engine and perhaps with better lightning system, textures and other things.
  16. You said it right, on point, the ray traicing is pure "Marketing" to sell games on PS5 and Xbox S/X, bring those people who just care about the graphics and dont care if the track are right, or if the physics are better then last year. But i belive in CM, the game will be better then 2020 in everysingle terms.
  17. I dont know if you play on PC, but if you compare the minimum requiriments for this year game with the last year, their improve the minimum graphics card by 319%, it's a huge difference, and I agree with you about the last generation taking too much resources, but with those news consoles and the new margin at theyre are cappable, probably CodeMasters are already working on a new Engine, probably on Ego Engine v5.0, or higher, so, im expecting a "major" graphics updates for this year.
  18. I heard that before and i don't think is that kind hard to make the AI better and use the right setup for each track, at least force they use a right setup for Monaco for example. @BarryBLCan you confirm this? The AI use the same setup for every track? Hope you can give us some good news about AI in a couple of days.
  19. Agree, they have the option to make an beast AI and give a challenge for the player to have fun, an AI pushing you behinde or you trying to following someone it's pretty cool and necessary, makes you faster and precise, they need to step up the AI, like, we have 0-120 steps, make another 20 steps of difficult, i notice the AI is fast on tracks where straight line speed is the key, they are so slow on tracks who demands downforce, they really need to change this, cus the AI from Codemasters it's fine and they can make then some much faster, some eSports drivers complains about the 110 AI being
  20. Finding the perfect balance between sim and arcade it's really hard, because some people loves F1 and wanna drive around Monaco without stressing himself driving on a hardcore game, and others who loves F1 too, want to drive in Monaco without assistis and the maximum difficult as possible, so, we have two demand and they both must be done. Im more like a sim guy, a do prefer a more hardcore sim in F1, but that is just selfish by my side and we need to think about other too. So for me, like @Tomasslb24said are a bunch of things who turns the game more a sim without making the handling a fu
  21. If they manage to work on the little things will help, remember when they change the exit on turn 12 of Australia? They increase the curb on the exit and that change made a such a huge difference. I think they dont need to change the whole track, just some little updates can help us to feeling better, you know? Last year the real drivers are complening about last sector of Barcelona, and they changed so fast, i remember a Lee Mather interview from last year, when he says that the real drivers helped the Code a lot, but unfortunately the game was already finished, maybe they're bringing s
  22. Maybe we have a new engine, with new tracks if they're using the same engine of Dirt 5, this year game is already beein developed since 2019 i think, because Codes has 2 teams working on the franchise game, so that is a possibility, we finaly can have a decent game in therms of track accuracy.
  23. Maybe this is a good thing, last year at this point a lot of gameplay was released, but more like a copy and paste game, for this year not showing us anything maybe this means they're still working on the game, making the finals changes, maybe for the new layouts for some tracks, or speeding the Imola and Portimão to be avaliable at launch, so remmeber, how much more we wait less we wait. Tenha calma jovem, você ainda vai se surpreender.
  24. I was searching for the engine of Dirt 5 and didnt found, so maybe they use a new version of Ego Engine, and they problably use the same engine for F1 2021 with improved physics, and ffb. Ego Engine v4.0 F1 2015 (2015), F1 2016 (2016), F1 2017 (2017), DIRT 4 (2017), F1 2018 (2018), F1 2019 (2019), Dirt Rally 2.0 (2019) Those games use the ego engine v4.0, maybe Dirt 5 and F1 2021 was made on a v5.0? I Think they can do the cross-gen with the full next-gen game, they just need to downgrade the graphics for old gen and it's fine, the physics is about engine, and maybe they ca
  25. Agree with you guys, but maybe we have a problem here, the crossplay will be PC/PS4/XBOX ONE, or PC/PS5/XBOX S? If they realease different version for each generation i dont know how it would work.
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