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  1. We cant know the true, just guessins at the end of the day. Sorry if i said something that bothered you, but i love F1 and i love sim games, and for sometimes F1 i'ts to much arcade not only just on physics, sometimes when i play the game and watch a real footage it's looks so weird and ugly, like playing a toy like hotwheels, the scale of the game for me it's a bit off sometime to small, but we have some good things like the handling of this year is fine and they will certanly improve for this new game, but i know some poeple different then us play with a pad, and i understand the reason to n
  2. Ok, PC was always capped beacuse of the old gen, like i said they make the game on PC, but to run in PS4 and Xbox One. And why they increase the minimum requiriments on PC just for having the same quality? What i mean it's, better quality of texture, better ilumination, better enviroment and other things, things that they arent able to achive on last gen, maybe you can understand right now. "Faster loading time should also be a big improvement over the last gen consoles." This is something really cool, 120hz on a console. I think the car texture, the tracks termac, ambient lightnig and o
  3. F1 2020 came for PS4 and XBOX One, then they realease the same version for PS5, the game was not realease for PS5 just portable, i dindt say they can achive 120hz and Ray traicing a the same time, you can choose what do you want 120fps or Ray Tracing. "Each year the core games will be developed on PC and then the graphical complexity reduced as required to run on other hardware." Exacly, now they dont need to downgrade the game, because your PS5 can handle this, or you want to play on ps5 with ps4 graphics? Why getting a new console and stick with old gen graphics?
  4. What? Do you really mean that? Yeah, i know that, but did you realized both xbox one and PS4 are not even close to the new consoles? Right, so, to run this games on 60fps you need to cap the quality, if you search about ACC a bit, the game was made for PC and after months they made a console version, capped and much worse, not even close to PC. F1 was made to run on PS4 and Xbox One, both consoles are so far from powerful PC that you mecioned on your quote. With those news consoles they can improve the quality of the game, because the new generation can handle this, if you search ab
  5. Im glad if they can still work with Ego Engine, Frostbite doesnt look so good especially if you already played FIFA. I was looking the minimuns requiritments for this year game and the graphics have quite a lot of an upgrade. A 319% upgrade for just the minimuns graphics, and this is not just a guess, is facts, maybe the graphics will be stunishing this year, and Ego Engine is more then capable to extract the maximun from the new generations. Since we cant drive with more then 20 cars on normal GP mode and more then 22 on My team, the processor requiriments still the same.
  6. You right, but what i mean is with the new geneartion coming we need to see how far the Ego Engine can go, how much this engine can extract from the new consoles, i totally agree with you, just thinking if the Ego Engine can handle this. But apparently Ego Engine can handle Ray Tracing so it's a good signal.
  7. I dont know about it, without EA yep, agree, but we dont know how much EA will interfering on F1 franchise.
  8. I got you point, but my point is, i think in 2022/2023 they will focus only on new generation, if they change the engine for a Unreal Engine and to work with both 4 and 5 is something easy to do, well them probably wont let old genaration behinde, but i dont know how much effort will be necessary for it happen, hope they can provides the same experience for both geneartions, of course the priority is on new tracks, but like @Nightfire1964 said they did it before with Paul Ricard, why they cant do it from Barcelona at least? Since is just a turn 10. I got your point, like Turkey, for me they ca
  9. Agree, for me the worst thing is the tracks, if they change the engine for example for Unreal Engine like every other company, i dont know whats gonna happen with old generation, it will be really difficult to build a new track for each engine, you right maybe in 2 years old gen will getting problably nothing, or at least something what Konami will do, just update the basic things, transfers, liverys and performance for old gen.
  10. We are almost a month without anynews, and if we look this as a positive thing, this could be a major change for the game, maybe Code was waiting for the new generation to step up the game and not giving any information besides the annouce trailer make us all hyped when they show us a new gameplay, i think they know what theire doing and im feeling something big coming, i dont know if introducing Ray Tracing is a easy thing to on Ego Engine, maybe the graphics got a major update.
  11. Exactly and doesn't take too long for it, just a couple of weeks and the changes was release for the full game after launch, i think it's valid to have some faith on this changes.
  12. I Hope so, we know how difficult it is to build a track from scratch but to make some changes on a full modelated track i think it's not that difficult, for example Barcelona only the turn 10 was changed maybe it will be a the launch already, but will be cool to see the new layout for those tracks, maybe Singapore will have some changes for real life too. W'ill see guys hope codes can make it.
  13. Sorry but you're wrong, last year on 29 April a hotlap from Zandvoort was release, on next week on 7 May a lap around Spain was release aswell showing the sector 3 modification, and 12 may some guys from YouTube release a lot of gameplay showing a early preview of the game, nobody is just from nowhere claims for gameplay, last year at this point a lot of content was dropped so, we are just worrie if something is wrong or not. Nobody is panic about gameplay theyre just hyped and wainting for something is pretty normal for a human being.
  14. Maybe they can show us a hotlap around Spain tomorrow with the new layout, im hoping for it will be really nice. But yeah not a single screenshot of the game. Almost a month with just the announce trailer, but is better for us to no complaining so much, some people will start judging us because of that
  15. If we dont get anything tomorrow, perhaps next week a video comes with actual gameplay like last year. Almost a month without any news, well, hoping for this being a bad signal.
  16. They could split the licence, but it's impossible right, we must belivie in Codies, hope theire doing a better job at this year, but the engine looks the same and the tracks problably will be the same as last year, so, Spa will continiuous a bit off, hope im wrong. Looks intresting when you think what Kunos could have done with the licence of f1.
  17. I agree with you, but if EA follow this path they will start with the wrong foot, this is not FIFA community and the License of F1 is crucial, so they need to try their best to no mess with F1 community. Hope they can do an amazing job for this year.
  18. Maybe this could happen, but a dlc? The track is on official calendar, if they create a DLC for official content, man this is the end. I prefer to not have in the game, in besides to pay an extra for a official content not a "real" dlc.
  19. I mean a more customization cam settings, like in other Sims, ACC for example, you can do whatever you want with the camera and on F1 you dont have that sort of customization, is so limited compare to ACC or AC. For example you cant do a dashboard cam with cockpit. Sometimes in TV-Cam the game feels like a toy game, like a Hotwheels to be honest. It's so smalle, i think the scale of the game could be better and the track like you said could be much more streched.
  20. This Thursday/Friday probably showing the Portimão GP, make sense because last year a Zandvoort gameplay was released in the same weekend of the GP. 12-13 May 6-7 June
  21. Ye, that is true at least the news cars will be at the launch and the hype for Imola and Portimão will be bit less on July. But compare 2019 game to 2020 we can see the difference especially on Physics hope they can improve a lot for this year, better tyre model, a better cam settings more deep configurations. Like they always say for us, to be a sim not necessary need to be a hardcore sim, but like better tracks, better ffb some other things help to us feel more in the environment of F1.
  22. You guys can see on this video, how the same company have different tracks for each game, i dont understand how this work and how they manage to do those games but clearly they can provide us better tracks since they already have in other games. It's the same for Red Bull Ring for example.
  23. Well, maybe Imola and Portimão can be release at launch. It all depends on Code efforts, maybe they focus on those two tracks and get Jeddah after, thats what im thinking. Im hoping for a trailer of Portimão next thursday/friday since it's race week, and last year a Zandvoort hotlap was released at this point. But next month we will get a lot of content, and some answear of those doubts. That's no the point of this topic, Imola and Portimão will come at some point, but the some others tracks need a look and care too, i like those efforts on a Breaking point story mode, but for me Phy
  24. Well, i know you guys are in the right path and those tracks will be amazing! Thanks again @BarryBL for your time and patience! Hope we can get some new infos ASAP. This will be the best F1 game of all time.
  25. Hi, @BarryBL, Thanks for the answear, and the time. I know it's really hard to create something new from zero, but my point is, Imola and Portimão without a doubt will come amazing, because France and Zandvoort are the best tracks on the game and you guys did an amazing job! I just want to know what happen to other tracks, like, i love to drive around Singapore this year, the car feels amazing, the FFB is so good, the improve from 2019 was extreme. But i can feel the same when im driving around Spa for example, just want to know if you guys are aware and has someone looking to t
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