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  1. Nice videos, keep the coming. One area I still don't bother is adjusting differential and brake balance in the MFD. Would be nice to have a video about them.
  2. That's really nice, they should be inside the game. I feel that the learning curve is still a bit too steep as things changes year to year (like ERS use and charge management). It's probably even harder to people who don't follow F1. Even after watching the first video, I think I would have a hard time understanding what DRS is (it's missing a scene showing the flap opening). AI Difficult is another issue, good to see a video about it. I tried to replicate but it's still gives very mixed results after "calibrating" several times on Barcelona (matching Force Indias at Barcelona, and t
  3. They would probably get the license to put the new tracks in the game as a part of their package of the circuit negotiation with Liberty.
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