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  1. Nice videos, keep the coming. One area I still don't bother is adjusting differential and brake balance in the MFD. Would be nice to have a video about them.
  2. emori

    F1 Dashboard | Simhub

    Is there any that support suggested gears?
  3. That's really nice, they should be inside the game. I feel that the learning curve is still a bit too steep as things changes year to year (like ERS use and charge management). It's probably even harder to people who don't follow F1. Even after watching the first video, I think I would have a hard time understanding what DRS is (it's missing a scene showing the flap opening). AI Difficult is another issue, good to see a video about it. I tried to replicate but it's still gives very mixed results after "calibrating" several times on Barcelona (matching Force Indias at Barcelona, and then easily winning GPs at My Team with one of the worst cars in the grid).
  4. emori

    Ideas for F1 2021 on next gen

    Now that they can sell helmet templates and people seem ok with it, this will never happen.
  5. emori

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    This issue has been present since the early games. AI level feels very inconsistent track to track and makes impossible to run a consistently fair full season.
  6. I would be ok with it, but the basic stuff available (without purchase) is very limited and the PitCoin earning rate is low. And *** is that VIP division, just design to makes things more confusing. It's Star Wars Battlefront 2 all over again. They are adding loot boxes next, and buy your card pack to have a chance to hire your favorite driver as teammate.
  7. emori

    Photo mode

    Xbox Guide, X
  8. emori

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    I was starting to be ok with the idea of the virtual currency for cosmetic improvements until I started the game and saw what was available. The impression it gives is that they removed most of the content from base game and will make it restricted through Podium Pass, which would be ok if points were given more fairly. The problem is that its looking to be more like a Star Wars Battlefront 2 scenario.
  9. emori

    F1 2020 pre ordering 10% discount on PS4

    I think it expired, I'm not seeing it on Xbox as well.
  10. emori

    General graphics quality reduced?

    I got the impression they simplified some assets when watching some tracks. Some trees looks weird and more pixelated, but might just be an impression, I didn't look side by side.
  11. That probably won't change, Ferrari is very restrict on licensing contracts and it's heavily rumored that their demands includes not being portrayed worse than competitors.
  12. emori

    Weichai Sponsor- Ferrari Livery

    Are you willing to pay it with your new virtual currency?
  13. emori

    Fake sponsors as track advertising

    They are probably mandated to use the official sponsors. They pay rights to have their brand exposed on all F1 media including TV broadcasts, YouTube, social media and the games. The only exception seems alcoholic beverages (Heineken), which get in conflict with the game age rating, so they are removed and replaced by generic "F1 2020" boards. Even in Brazil, where Globo TV (the sneaky event promoter) has somehow gotten rights to put their own sponsors on track, is reproduced by Codemasters without changes.
  14. emori

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    They would probably get the license to put the new tracks in the game as a part of their package of the circuit negotiation with Liberty.
  15. Wording is a bit confusing with the marketing for Xbox. I believe "Smart Delivery" means that there would be a next gen version of F1 2020, which could be played if you purchased the current gen version of the game. As there's no F1 2020 version announced for next gen platforms, there's no support for "Smart Delivery", but you could play the Xbox One version in Series X through backwards compatibility, with possibly added improvements (smoother framerate, resolution, HDR if it wasn't supported already, etc).
  16. emori

    Localization quality control

    Sometimes it's good, using words we are already used to hear from TV commentators, other times they use something different and you need to think a bit to understand what they meant. It's not like F-1 is new here, with Fittipaldi, Piquet, Senna and others.
  17. Some people say that "anything is better than nothing", but I feel that this isn't always the case. Localization for Brazilian portuguese (PT-BR) has been pretty spotty in Codemaster games. Voice over is mostly decent, but UI text is messy. The worst offender is GRID (2019) which seems that it was done using Bing Translator and no knowledge whatsoever of racing or motorsports. Unfortunately the F1 games also has its share of problems and I was hoping that after 8 years they would solve the issues, but it already got a bad start with Xbox Store description. There's text in the European portuguese instead of Brazilian (it has more changes than American English compared to British English), or even worse, swedish. That's a bad sign for what we can expect for the full game, showing lack of revision and basically no care at all. European Portuguese instead of Brazilian, and... Swedish in the Brazilian store. Nice.
  18. They didn't announce a next gen version of F1 2020, I assume they are not making this game cross-gen and will wait for 2021 to release a improved version. So it will depend on how backwards compatibility will be handled on the new consoles.
  19. And races on that were nowhere as fun to watch as the one in F1 2019. The Virtual GPs were succesfull and did their purpose. Sure there are things to improve as the broadcast and cameras were bad, but it wasn't as bad as people make it look.
  20. emori

    Game looks really hazy

    That's an EGO engine issue. All Codemaster racing games suffer from this. They fixed the orange/brown tones by applying a lot of filters on top of the games. They may be able to fix that as well with some work, but I would expect a new engine for next gen to sort this out.
  21. emori

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    Not a huge fan as well, seems like they copied and pasted parts of Silverstone, Turkey and Bahrain and called it a day.
  22. emori

    Esports Monaco

    It's a fun game. That's the main point. Formula E on rFactor may have the "realistic game", but it was really boring to watch.
  23. emori

    Classic Tracks

    They had the opportunity to keep tracks like Turkey, India and Nurburgring/Hockenheim in previous games, as they already had the track design work done, but decided to drop them instead. Maybe it's some way to push sales of older games to whoever want to play those specif tracks. Or they can always do the DLC way. Unfortunately the business model of licensed annual sports games relies on holding features on purpose to try to assemble a compeling sales pitch every year (they cannot do a very strong year 1 and a weaker year 2 game). Sometimes this means cutting things on purpose.
  24. emori

    F1 2020 Holland edition

    In Brazil it's similar, but mostly because localization is not well done. Codemaster's localization for Brazilian Portuguese has very basic mistakes in text (seems like whoever is doing is using Bing Translator and never watched F-1) and the voices are too neutral and without any emotion (the engineer seems more dead than the driver after a crash).