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  1. Hello, I'm comeback to you, for say it's fix ! I don't know how, but I re-install my pilots (had a pilot problem) and it's works so thanks to all !
  2. Yeah I have a G430 and when I plug in Jack it works well. How can I disable it ?
  3. I edit my topic following your intructions hope I did it well
  4. Sorry, I tried to follow this ! I'm on PC and my headphone is an "hydbrid" USB/Jack Plug. It's always happen (when I use the USB headphone) Hope it can help you
  5. Hello, 1.I have a problem with my sound, I can't hear the voices 2. 1.22 PC (Steam) 3. All 4. Ask something on the radio 5.Always 6. I thought it was the bug corrected here (change the language) but no. I can hear every sounds but not them. I found a little solution : change to my speakers, and it works, and if I go back on my headphone, it no longer work. 7. A headphone "hybrid" USB/Jack 8. I don't have a screenshot or a video sorry Thanks