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  1. AgentEngelTwitc

    Where is the performance update?

    I would like to say something about it now. Unfortunately, I'm also very disappointed with this game. There are a few improvements but also a lot of old things that have just been copied from the 2019 game. Unfortunately also bugs. That's awful. The characters look terrible, the questions have become so stupid. The game 2019 was not bug-free until the realse of the 2020 game. As a buyer, I have the feeling that Codemasters only wants to sell and then unfortunately for the most part leaves its customers in the lurch. You would just have to watch 2 to 3 league races to see how many bugs this game still has and these are really not difficult to find. Mistakes in the safety car, corner cutting, bottle tires fitted, Ki simply takes the wheel. I don't even know where to stop counting. The support is unfortunately one of the worst of a game manufacturer.
  2. AgentEngelTwitc

    Game breaking DSQ Bug