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  1. Nightgaunt71

    Unable to Connect to Racenet - PS3

    So anyone know anything why racenet is not working for this Dirt Showdown, or we gonna keep getting run arounds from codemaster like telling us it's our router which we all know its not. 
  2. Nightgaunt71

    Dirt Showdown PS3 Not connecting to Racenet.

    It has nothing to do with your router, it is all on there side or some technical issue on the racenet side with this title, or they shut the server down for this title. My other 2 racenet titles work just fine, Grid 2 and F1 Superstars. Online works fine and is all we really need but the challenges and other options racenet gave were a nice added bonus. Still nice to play this and not have some nerd ragin on yah cause you smashed him into the wall etc, cause far as all the races are concerned, taking people out is a very viable and good strategy.8)
  3. Nightgaunt71

    Dirt Showdown PS3 Not connecting to Racenet.

    Umm, do they even read their own technical forums?/sigh
  4. Nightgaunt71

    Dirt Showdown PS3 Not connecting to Racenet.

    *knock knock* This thing working, when i click for technical assistance on the racenet site this is where i am taken. We possible can't be the only 2 in the world experiencing this.  Someone has to have a answer or a known fix....
  5. "Unable to connect to racenet"The Dirt showdown service is not available. Please try again later. That is the message i get, my other 2 racenet titles connect just fine on the ps3. Been like this for about 4 days, server shutdown or?