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  1. Nice one! I am really looking forward to this game.
  2. ReneSneipa

    Error 1008:h on PC F1 2020

    Hello, i have a question regarding the error 1008:H. Is it possible that the problem is caused by the internet service provider? More precise: Some Provider only use DS-Lite (either IPv4 or IPv6 but not both). So when i have only a valid IPv4 adress and no IPv6 adress, that may be the problem? I have helped my friend a lot to solve the issue on his side. We tried to fully reinstall his operating system, set back the router configuration, disable firewall, set port forwarding and some other ideas. But nothing helped here (the problem is also in F1 2019). He also has written down his problem here (MopZ). Would be great if someone can further investigate the issue and tell us what we can try. Maybe we have to contact the ISP mentioned above.
  3. ReneSneipa

    F1 2020 - Will Buxton

    The first time i have seen him was in the Netflix Series Drive to Survive. But it´s really cool to see one more real person in the game. That supports the immersion way more. Good Job!
  4. I hope some day i can play the my team mode / career with R&D and everything else together with a friend in a coop mode. But let´s give Codemasters the time they need to build these modes 😉
  5. ReneSneipa

    Best classic car in F1 2019

    I think the Brawn GP is really nice to handle. For me, it makes really fun to drive this car.
  6. ReneSneipa

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    That looks very nice. I´m really looking forward for more information and the game self.
  7. ReneSneipa

    F1 2019 telemetry to multiple apps

    I had the same problem. There are such tools to forward data from one port to another, but often they are not very cheap. But there is a Software called "SIM Dashboard" by stryder-it. This software is like SimHub. You can display telemetry on your phone by using the "Server" on your PC and the Android App on your phone. The PC-Software also have a possibilty to forward UDP telemetry to other ports. This can looks like: For me the SIM Dasboard Software is only installed because of that feature. For Telemetry Data on Phone i use also SimHub. I hope this helps 😉
  8. ReneSneipa

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    I really like the game because of the well done career mode. But i drive also other games that are much more difficult. And really often i wish f1 would be more sim. But i think Codemasters is doing very well over the time. The F1 Games had done every year a step forward.