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  1. VictorvdValk


    F1 is a great game!! However, I am reading more and more about drivers who are ruining this game. Their only target is to crash into their opponent who will then end up losing games and losing bonusses because you were in an accident or shoved through a corner which the game, rightly so, sees as cutting a corner. I am willing to pay extra (and that might be a solution) to race agains people who race because of racing and not to create mayhem and purposely creating accidents. The people who are doing this should be temporarily banned to keep the game fun. If this doesn't stop I consider quitting..... it is a shame but it just isn't fun anymore...
  2. VictorvdValk

    Bad drivers

    I fully agree, it looks as if there is a bunch of very childish people who are on course to ruin this nice game. Driver reports is not the solution unless it will mean suspension for an hour. I also feel something should be done about on-purpose collisions. In a lot of these cases you will end up not receiving bonus for bad driving because your car i.e. gets pushed Into chicane and you are charged with bad drivin.... In case of deliberate crashing you should be automatically declared looser. It will ensure people taking less risks.