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  1. I completely agree Tony. Last weeks Street challenge with the Hot Hatches was ridiculous! I finally got my Golf to level 50, added the engine upgrade and all the tuning stuff, but alas, I still had to get through the first few corners of AI drivers that think we're all in bumpercars. Maaaayyybe if it was the Touring discipline, I could understand, but Street? Suffice to say that I spent hours trying to find a good line through the AI on the first lap and just gave up because I just couldn't make up the lost time on the 2 other laps. 

    All that to say: if the competition is time based in a RaceNet Challenge, make it a Time Attack not a Race.
  2. Every time GRID 2 needs to 'contact racenet', I get "Connection Failed" and I cannot access GRID Online (Online, Global Challenges, and Rivals sections). I cannot find any other post relating to this issue but it's been happening since last evening (unsure what time). Anyone else have this issue? Did I miss an announcement or something?
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