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  1. joxxor

    Good setup for Monte Carlo?

    ride height very low, springs very stiff, dampers 4/5, (its plain tarmac, so you want that car responsive) very short gear ratio (bcos there are no high speed sections and many 1,2, hairpins) I like the rear differential strong and my front diff medium. (rear gives you good oversteer, front gives you grip against understeer) camber somewhat -1.2 but at the end it depends on what you like. For me the GTR Technical Youtube Setups dont work that great as for others
  2. joxxor

    Opel Ascona Wheel on wrong side?

    guess there is no option to switch the car to left hand drive? really cant handle those righthanders
  3. Hi There, the Opel Ascona is a german car with a german chamion (Walter Röhrl). Why is the Ascona a right-side Steering Car? German Cars all have the Steering Wheel on the left side! When you search for pictures of Walter Röhrl in his championship Winning Ascona the steering wheel is on the left side. In Dirt Rally 2 it is on the right side though....
  4. thank you guys so far. I will try it immediatley. Had Wheel-Rotation set to 900 degrees ins thrustmaster software. Are the Wheel-rotations for the different cars correct? (see first posting in this thread) Edit: set wheel rotation to 1080, soft lock off, then calibrated, turned soft lock on again Seems its working, but the Rotations in the first post seem complete trash. My samples were: stratos, delta integrale, audi quattro are 900 degrees lancer evo 6 - 540 degrees imprezza 95 - something like 700 degrees any feedback on these numbers? which cars should have 540 degrees?
  5. sorry for digging this up again, but for me this bug is still not fixed by codemasters. currently playing with t300 rs @ 900 degrees with steering saturation set ingame to 60 which will result in a manual soft lock @ 540 degrees. Since Steering saturation simulates the soft lock it seems that codemasters would have to just use this setting in order to implement a using softlock. I'm a bit upset because the last 100 ingame hours I was thinking to drive in the correct setup. now with manual lock (540 in lancia delta integrale) I'm way faster! @codemasters please try to find a fix for this
  6. joxxor

    DR2 questions

    for car comparisons check out skyrex's youtube-channel. He did time-comparisons doing shakedowns with some basic statistics like deviation. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD5pthOe_VNoWg1EiYNFNzg i.e. 2000cc class.
  7. Hallo, in the last Stage of the fifth Rally my Computer crashed. Back into the game, i got told, that my career was reset due to some discrepancy of the server. *** is this? Now i have to start all over again Codemasters, please give me back my last save. edit: 5 hours of my lifetime wasted
  8. Hi There, on dirtrally2.com you have the option to filter the leaderboards for wheel/controller and assists on/off. Is there a similar ingame option? either I'm blind and cant find it or there ist none. Also: is it possible to look at all the leaderboards in the web? Seems I can just find leaderboards for community events on the web dirtrally2.com. Why are the other events not online? thx in advance! joxxor
  9. joxxor

    your farvorite Imprezza?

    thx, now the subaru legacy is on my Group A list, too. Next Car I wanted to try, is the Lancia Delta Integrale. Regarding Leaderboards (Players and AI in Carreer) it looks superior to me performance-wise?
  10. joxxor

    your farvorite Imprezza?

    Hello, sorry for asking, but I'm quite new to Rally and have only 30 hours into the game. since there are 4 different subarus, which one is your favorite? I'm currently on my 2nd carreer championship with the 95-impreza. do the newer ones feel different? is it worth investing more time in the other subarus? drive safe 😉
  11. Hi Codemaster-Team, please make it possible to save Replays to a file and watch it later. As a VR player I'd really like to watch replays in normal 2d Fullscreen Mode and record it for Youtube! With Shadowplay and VR Replays run on the cinematic wall only without fullscreen. can't be that hard 😉 thanks and goodbye
  12. thx so far. already found out: lowering shader level to low eliminates rain drops and snow on the windshield. Clear Sight! Despite improving performance a lot 😉
  13. gonna push this topic, because I can hardly see anything! FPS also drops down below acceptable levels in VR when it's raining or snowing