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  1. MThommmo

    State Of Multiplayer

    I’d like to second this on the Xbox side, which in my opinion has been more broken than PC. Every single League Race I’ve commentated, there has been a huge host of glitches. For example: - I commentated a race yesterday, someone went into the Pits on the First Lap, but the game said it was Lap 3 and he was in the lead. Deltas were messed up throughout the race, penalties flagged up on the screen that weren’t even real, the list goes on. As a driver, the fact as well your FPS tanks if you join Midway through a session is STILL present and it makes the game unplayable, not acceptable in not only league racing, but not acceptable at all. I don’t understand how you’ve gone back so many steps from F1 2019, which in itself was an absolute joke in Multiplayer. You promised in the Beta phase Multiplayer was a priority, but the fact that for many weeks on Xbox if someone left the session the timings would break shows to me you don’t care about Multiplayer and that your priority was making a Cash Grab out of MyTeam. As the hub of F1 Esports and home for so many League Racers, you need to look into drastically improving multiplayer, and it needs to be soon. Please do something.
  2. MThommmo

    Sim Racers Association Season 5

    Welcome Welcome to Sim Racers Association Season 5! We've got several changes planned for this season - some big, some small - and can't wait to get going with our best and most competitive season yet! Two Tiers For the first time, we'll be running Two Tiers of F1 Racing on the same night, both being broadcasted on Twitch. Tier Two (One-Shot Quali and 50% Race) will begin at 18:30 UK Time, with Tier One (Short Quali and 50% Race) beginning one hour later. As well as separate Drivers and Constructors Championships, we will also included a Combined Constructors Championship incorporating both Tiers! Twenty-Two Rounds For Season 5, we will be heading to all 22 Circuits that were meant to be visited during 2020 Formula One World Championship. From Albert Park to Abu Dhabi, Silverstone to Singapore, Montreal to Monza, we will be racing all across the globe! Talented Drivers We have some of the fastest drivers currently racing in F1 2019, including members of FRA and BMG! All of our drivers demonstrate clean and competitive racing. We look forward to seeing you on the grid! Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/uFmVhfd
  3. MThommmo

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    I’m once again very very hyped at the proposition of helping out! Good luck everyone and I hope I get in this time! 👍
  4. MThommmo

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Not all codes are released! There is still hope! I imagine they are doing it by platform, as I know of people on PC who have gotten access but no one on console as of yet.