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  1. Am I too late for the Beta? I just applied now! 😅 I would love to take part and share my feedback on the game, especially on the Multiplayer side as I’ve experienced a lot of issues with F1 2020.
  2. I’d like to second this on the Xbox side, which in my opinion has been more broken than PC. Every single League Race I’ve commentated, there has been a huge host of glitches. For example: - I commentated a race yesterday, someone went into the Pits on the First Lap, but the game said it was Lap 3 and he was in the lead. Deltas were messed up throughout the race, penalties flagged up on the screen that weren’t even real, the list goes on. As a driver, the fact as well your FPS tanks if you join Midway through a session is STILL present and it makes the game unplayable, not acceptable
  3. I’m once again very very hyped at the proposition of helping out! Good luck everyone and I hope I get in this time! 👍
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