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    New update - here we go again

    AI cars are more aggressive...and faster, spreading themselves out ahead of you.

    Recycle parts

    There is no point. You get cards again. The cost of the credits is too much relative to the Resource Points you get.
  3. In the event, my time starts at 6+ seconds when I cross the start line. My sector 1 time starts at 0 and then jumps up by the same 6+ second interval at the end of the sector. And because of this, for the life of me, I can’t get a good qualifying time because I’m getting a 6 second penalty from the very start. What is all this about?

    70th anniversary event score?

    I got 65K points. No cheating. Not sure how people get 100K though.

    2020 update is here

    The extra momentum due to the “Physics” also proves to be too much for the corner-cut penalties; especially around certain chicanes. Not just Monico anymore, but also final turns at Silverstone, and Japan are prime for passing when you are behind. *edit: doesn’t just have to be the chicanes. Can cut straight across the grass at Becketts

    After update game is unplayable

    I personally like this update so far: Coming off the grid seems more realistic Easier to overtake AI cars - if you pass, they don’t try to ram you off the road When you get hit by another drive, it seems as though the impact just as fairly disrupts their course and control as well Braking is realistic

    2020 update is here

    Maybe, “Physics” actually means that you can’t build a car with NO BRAKES and expect to perform perfectly? Perhaps, we were a bit spoiled that we could build competitive cars up until this point by ignoring that facet of the build?

    Bad drivers

    True story....After getting rammed right off the line and then shoved off the track at turn 1 in Brazil, I decided to turn around and duck back out of view at the final turn. Sure enough, the Bad Driver crashed his car trying to avoid me, and I got to Go back and do a clean lap, passing his wreckage and finished first!

    Cars with lower PI

    Are you using Brake assist? If so, you’ll find that there are certain turns where assist over-brakes. I’ll often be neck and neck with someone of equal PI going into Viaolone & Ascari at Monza. With assist OFF, I won’t need my brakes at all from turns 10-13 and I’ll often pull away from them by 1-2 seconds by the finish. My only guess is that Brake assist is not necessary / not a disadvantage in the first two sectors, but really impedes your PI for sector 3. There are lots of other coroners where the assistance is over-braking. If you are already knew all that, sorry.

    Match on PI not Trophies!

    Good point. Can’t really realistically execute this.

    Bad drivers

    AI cars keep a pace that is halfway between your opponent and you are capable of. Thate’s why sometimes that are way slower off the grid and you blow past them....or why both your opponent and the AI cars speed off faster than you even though you are always coming off the line at the same speed.

    Match on PI not Trophies!

    For what it’s worth, matchups aren’t just based on Trophies. They are also based on your safety rating. I know this because when I turned off brake assist, I was super fast, but as I got used to my brakes, I was quite reckless. When you are are reckless, you get matched up against other “Red” and “Yellow” players who are also reckless. And when you are racing other reckless players, you get shoved off the tack and your safety rating becomes a downward spiral until you learn how to drive without assists. But during this time, nearly all my opponents were between .5 and 2 in driver safety rating. So if we know we are matched up based on Trophies AND Safety Rating, why don’t we think we’re also being matched up based on PI? And if they are matching up by 2 or even 3 cohorts, it’s inherent that at least 2 of the 3 cohorts will always have discrepancies. It’s rare there will always be perfect matchups.

    Hockenheim, Austria, Shanghai, and Bahrain

    THIS THIS THIS. Changed the setting and started breaking all my track records out of the gate, and controlling the brakes around the turns myself (vs. the over-braking that the assist was clearly doing in certain places)

    Hockenheim, Austria, Shanghai, and Bahrain

    Totally agree on Aero. Like I mentioned above, my car with 844 Aero (46% of overall setup) can constantly win at about 15 of the tracks no problem. I’ve started backing off Aero to add in lightweight and power to see how it does on the four problem tracks. A little more lightweight and a little more power are helping a little bit. But so is practice and repeating those turns over and over again. Maybe I drop Aero a little for an alternative setup and instead of adding in Power, keep it at 150 and add in more lightweight and handling. Also, sounds like I should start migrating over to pro. Thanks everyone.

    Hockenheim, Austria, Shanghai, and Bahrain

    Thanks for the link. Will check out videos for those tracks. So, are you suggesting lightweight will have a larger impact than Power for my troublesome turns? Allows me to enter and exit with higher speed? Vs. needing to accelerate at higher power coming out of them?