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  1. It was fun and 2 hours of exhilarating competition. I echo the above feedback. At first, I was worried with ~5K people qualifying for the final, but in-the-end, that made it more fun, always having a qualifying matchup-ready at the end of the last. I totally lucked out with the 5-track rotation as each were ideal for my car’s setup and was able to pull one of the Silver medals in the end.
  2. Same. Reported in technical assistance forum. It’s 2020, why can’t they release a version that works on common devices?
  3. Tournaments are over. I’m bored. What do your cars look like?
  4. US 80, Can 83, Bra 70, and GB 102 I’m having trouble with final turn in Bra
  5. Report bad drivers by saying “hey Alexa, tell codemasters that “(Insert name)” is a bad driver”. Tell you neighbors dog the next time you see them, ...or at the end of the game, click on the explanation mark next to the other drivers, check the boxes that are relevant, and hit submit. All are equally effective.
  6. Bad drivers are a problem once again. It was nice for CM to put out a survey as to how to resolve this, but I’ve never seen it worse than I do today, and there is no sign of damage or time penalties, etc...
  7. True story....After getting rammed right off the line and then shoved off the track at turn 1 in Brazil, I decided to turn around and duck back out of view at the final turn. Sure enough, the Bad Driver crashed his car trying to avoid me, and I got to Go back and do a clean lap, passing his wreckage and finished first!
  8. AI cars keep a pace that is halfway between your opponent and you are capable of. Thate’s why sometimes that are way slower off the grid and you blow past them....or why both your opponent and the AI cars speed off faster than you even though you are always coming off the line at the same speed.
  9. Best feeling in the world though is when one of those crazies is on the inside of you heading into the turn ready to shove you off to the outside, you brake, cut behind them, take the turn on the inside, and they go flying off into oblivion since they expected your car to be there to bounce back on their apex. Also, when they are spinning cars around in front of you, but they screw up and crash themselves. Speaking of which, when they are spinning the AI cars around, how do they keep their speed up? Assuming those with tons of Power (or handling?) are the ones typically spinning
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