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  1. You’re right, they should be locking you into race ERS, but they can’t with fuel, otherwise you would get this same issue, just that your car would be overfuelled. If that’s how you interpret what I said, then that’s on you, I don’t really care, have a good day.
  2. I’m not saying you’re cheating, if you look at the delta time on the straight in the race strat programme, especially if you’re running with rich and a different ers mode all the time, you’re going to be gaining more time as you’re going quicker than the game expects you to, which is standard fuel and medium ers. Didn’t mean to imply cheating in that way.
  3. If you treated the race strat programme appropriately, you wouldn’t run into this issue in the first place. This happened to me on last year’s game until I figured out why. Have you tried what I suggested? If you have and it’s still an issue, then it should be sent to the devs but if not then it’s mainly the player’s fault for trying to cheat the practice programme.
  4. It’s not an issue, just use fuel in the race strat programme as you would in a normal race situation. You will most likely start +/- 0.50 fuel.
  5. It is indeed only affected by the race strategy programme. What I do is simulate how I would use fuel in the actual race, that way, it shows accurately how much I am up or down on fuel instead of having to guess with +3 laps. The race strategy programme really is the only useful practice programme, if you know how to use it.
  6. 1. The ability to blacklist a player from multiplayer lobbies that you’re hosting. This is a better way to prevent dirty drivers from joining your lobby at the last second, or if you forget they are a dirty driver. 2. Add the option to be able to do the engine mapping manually, whether it be a practice programme in career mode, or an option in the same menu as time trial for multiplayer situations, I just feel like this is a better alternative to making racing less about changing ers and engine modes, like you have tried with this year’s ers system. 3. I’m hoping that tracks across
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