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  1. So basically nothing is fixed, because looking at it from players perspective, not having the technicality of it in mind - we still cannot use the fundamental bit of the game, which is playing it. You guys are absolutely incredible, I have no idea what are you doing to keep that F1 license renewed each year, but that studio does not deserve any of it. Sorry Barry, I know you're not a dev, but that's just ridiculous.
  2. Thanks for the update. What's the ETA for the patch? If the clear ETA is impossible to provide - is it going to be today?
  3. Either way mate, the cost of the game is equal for both modes therefore we pay for a full game, so we should receive a full game.
  4. [ ALL PLATFORMS ] - Desync and General Quality of Life in Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Page 8 - Report an Issue - Codemasters Community Can't deny that - here's the full thread that caused such movement, if that ain't clear enough yet 🙂
  5. is that an actual statistic? I really want it not to be true, because if that's the case then shame on codies even more.
  6. That is a very good point. Taking a look at efootball for example, where they just went out and said, that the game is bad and needs and WILL BE fixed asap. I understand that multiplayer has never been a priority, but that company is responsible for the most popular simracing esport tournament. I don't care that it's played on a different build, that does not matter in the slightest for me, because to get there, you have to first practice on a... "normal" (if it deserves to be called normal???) build, because AI will not be enough for you to become an esport level driver.
  7. That's great they're aware. Now we will make sure they take actions. Don't get us all wrong guys, I know your job is currently to be polite against our roasts and it must not be nice to have **** thrown at you all time, but I hope you do understand our side where we just simply had enough and I doubt this perception changes until some public statements or fixes are thrown at us. If the post is tagged "with developers" then I hope they see our comments too.
  8. Making a competitive game on anything other than TCP is a joke in itself, but I believe a P2P can be done right, at least to a degree. I would love to see them using a network model from this century, yet, while it is to blame, I am sure it can be improved enough to be playable, then we, as league owners can sort out the rest of the absurd ourselves, as we used to for a loooong time now.
  9. Stevie, couldn't have said it better. Fixing issues of the game by custom rulebooks and manual work has become a full time job for me since the very first season of our league. Heck, this season we have even added a point in the rules that disallows to use that invisible helmet they released a few weeks ago. Reason? We are running a league with story mode/roleplay elements added to the livestreams, so we don't sound like morons while "speaking of the best drivers in the whole world" while they mess around helmetless in a rocket on wheels. I think enough is enough and we as a community sho
  10. Also, I really do think, that once we actually manage to have a lobby that does not desync, we should all start bugging codies about the other issues that occur, like: -Q2 and Q3 game exits/crashes cause tyre wear to reset to 0% -drivers see their cars from the spectator cameras during the race start -drivers cannot take the control of their cars after rejoining -cars smash into the pit wall after the pit -cars teleport to the middle of the track while entering pits -engine revs off throttle sound like a meat grinder -safety car not leaving the track forever -safety car free
  11. From what we have discovered, if you do a race only then it is even worse, as during the quali we have encouraged our players to leave the session and rejoin it during q1 (well, we would've encouraged them to leave during q2 and q3 as well but of course this game has layers of bugs upon bugs so leaving the game in q2 resets the tyre wear lolololo. @BarryBL maybe you guys will *test* this next hah) and this was solving the desync for some players, but that would not be the end of the story, as the previously mentioned layers of bugs meant that some of them could not retake the control of the ca
  12. Okay dude, I see we should approach the discussion differently then. Maybe I'll introduce myself first just so we are clear I am not new to your game. I am an owner of one of the most popular polish f1 leagues. We have started this in 2019 and currently we are running a 6th season with 120+ active players. We are sponsored by petronas syntium and other popular brands, but don't take it as a brag - I just want you to know that I am taking this thing seriously and care about it. You call this a frustration? Damn right this is a frustration. I am spending mos
  13. PC Multiplayer lobbies are absolutely unplayable. The game desynchronizes on basically every occasion with people seeing each other in different parts of the track to where they actually are. There are cars mounting each other, there are finish lines showing in wrong places due to how desynchronized the cars are... Have you guys even played this title? I mean, come on - this is a 50 quid title for heaven's sake. @BarryBL and the rest of you, stop asking people to describe the issue more accurately, take your stinky game pad, jump into a social lobby then see some NSFW content of F1
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