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  1. Hi the situation is becoming a little bit odd. the error is happening several times even after one qualifying session. In addition I’m getting additions problems: - blue flags issue at the start of a race - at a certain point my name was changed to the one of another player (it was shown twice) and I was racing with my car without sponsors, with a different driver.
  2. try with a standard livery as less customized as you can for both car and driver. before I was not able to do even one race, now with standard liveries I get to 7 in a row.
  3. I agree I started having issues with the 1.18 release at end of April, but looking to this post looks like the first bug report has been in December 2020 anyway I'm having less issues using super standard liveries. I can even do 7 races in a row.
  4. Again ranked session 5 laps hungary 7 players report code: ESBJ GBMJ AEDM EAKJ
  5. Again Between qualify and race the error happened again monaco ranked session 5 laps report code: HRKP TDHP DEDM EAKJ
  6. Just got the same error una slightly different way. I joined a ranked session 5 laps the session was at the 5/5 laps in Japan at the moment I was joining and before even pressing the “go” button (“via” in Italian) al got freezed i heard a strange noise and then the screen got black and then the error message appeared error code: GMVS XJSK DEDM EAKJ
  7. Here the error codes from last night CTMK-THDT-CJDM-EAKJ MCGP-BKCR-SKDM-EAKJ MSJT-XAHH-TJDM-EAKJ
  8. well, I don't completely agree. with all the respect for the company and especially for the developers (again I manage a software company releasing SaaS software to large B2B clients). but we are speaking about a patch. so they should know what has been changed from 1.17 to 1.18 in addition this is causing several issues to several users that are paying almost 10€/month to sony for a service and paid 70€ to Codemasters for a software that once patched is not working. I had a goal to achieve in the ranked sessions and as of today I lost almost 200 points. I know is a game but the
  9. I noticed that the error occurs in the ranked session usually after 3 full races.
  10. It’s really bad from codemasters the way this issue is treated. now it’s more than 2 weeks the issue is there with no solution.
  11. The error continues occurring also with standard liveries. in addition In some races (1 each 2/3 I would say) happens this: I start first or second in the grid. As soon as the light turns off, the engineer calls for blue flags and there is a car in first position that is at more than 1 minute distance from us. is like the last one of the grid results as the first at the start.
  12. Hello I'm having the same issue since update to 1.18: - PS4 Error code CE-34878-0 - Platform PS4 - Version 1.18 - Ranked Multiplayer Online 25% and/or 5 laps - Problem occurs after qualifying moving to race session - Game crashed 11 times as of today and even 3 times in a row. - no troubleshooting as game closes and takes me to ps4 home screen after closing error screen. - after the error ability points are reduced of 10 units each time - after the error looks more difficult to find new sessions. - Logitech G923 wheel - error message
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