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  1. Kompjutaguy

    New Hanoi circuit gameplay

    It didn't strike me as a really interesting track at first. The last section with the fast esses looks fun though.
  2. Kompjutaguy

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Hi! I would recommend checking this thread here:
  3. No varied strategies by the AI, it's almost always the same. Start on soft, then end on medium-hard. Also the AI getting in your way when you're on a flying lap in qualy. I can't remember how many times they've ruined my lap because they just don't move from the racing line when they're supposed to. I'm behind them really close on a straight and they are on a warm-up or cooldown lap. Instead of slowing down on the straight and letting me go, nope. They try to move away in the middle of the corner and they ruin my lap because I had to avoid them.
  4. Kompjutaguy

    DAS coming to F1 2020?

    I don't think it will be added, although it would definitely be interesting to experience and manage it in the game. Lee Mather also talked about it in this video when asked by Marc Priestley:
  5. Kompjutaguy

    F1 2020 - Monaco gameplay

    You're right, Spa was a bit rough. They have indeed, after a long time. It is kinda crazy that it took them that long to fix that bump, but it's better than nothing I guess.
  6. Kompjutaguy

    F1 on xbox

    That's great to hear, welcome aboard! And have fun playing ofc 😃
  7. Kompjutaguy

    Frustrated New Player F1 2019

    Yeah, there are always forums like these where you can ask for help in understanding how it all works and people will always help. I'm glad that you're understanding it better and ofc if you have any other questions, be sure to ask 😃
  8. Kompjutaguy

    2020 beta test

    Well, unfortunately you're late because the beta application window has closed a long time ago and all participants have already been chosen.
  9. Kompjutaguy

    F1 2020 - Monaco gameplay

    Yeah, this and all the changes at some other tracks gives me hope that they will really try and make all tracks as realistic as possible. It's far from perfect but it's good to see that they're listening.
  10. Kompjutaguy

    Beginner guide

    Hi! There are some in-game tutorials that show you the most important things like DRS, ERS, tyre and fuel management so definitely check those out. When playing career mode, you will have different practice programs like fuel, tyre and ERS management so by doing those you should learn how to manage them and be faster. I would definitely recommend bumping up the difficulty and turning some assists off once once you feel confident enough.
  11. Kompjutaguy

    F1 2020

    Yeah, there won't be anymore invites. All of the beta participants have been chose. I haven't been accepted either but it's fine because at the end of the they it's all for our mutual benefit. The devs will get great feedback on what should be fixed and improved upon so when the release is here, we get the best experience possible.
  12. Kompjutaguy

    Hi Guys

    Hello and welcome! And yeah, I can't wait too. We're less than 2 months away from the release 😁
  13. Kompjutaguy

    F1 2020 - Monaco gameplay

    It does seem a bit wider in some places. I'm not sure about the undulation. Will compare after I do some laps on F1 2019.
  14. Kompjutaguy

    F1 2019

    There are in-game tutorials for all that stuff like DRS and ERS so it shouldn't be hard to understand. It is really user friendly difficulty wise as you can change the AI difficulty and all the assists to make it easier. You will definitely improve the more you play, there's no doubt about it. Haha, don't be that hard on yourself. I wish you good luck and a lot of fun 😃
  15. Kompjutaguy

    F1 2019

    I can only speak from my experience and I would say that F1 2019 is the best F1 game ever to play with a controller. So I don't think you'll have any problems driving with a controller, whether it is offline or online. You can pick the difficulty level and the driving assists to match your skill level and you'll have an enjoyable experience. And after getting used to it all, you will slowly start turning off some assist which will allow you to be even faster. And this is the perfect time to buy it because it's on a huge sale for Xbox One. So totally go for it, you won't regret it 😃