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  1. Amazing how I was inconvenienced to the point of signing up on here because there are only 5 threads on the internet about this error code N07 with no solutions. Earlier this morning I joined my first lobby of the day, there were about 17 players, and before qualifying I was voted to be kicked for no reason. Haven't even played a race in the lobby yet. 6 other players also voted to kick me because I guess the assumption was if i was voted, then It's because I actually raced dirty. This is obviously not the case.. new lobby. Now, 45 minutes since the kick, I am constantly receiving an error code N07 (failed to join session). I assume there is an hour ban after a kick but I would like to clarify that here. If there is no ban, could someone please tell me why I am receiving this error message (i am on xbox one) thank you.