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  1. PB111

    Well this looks promising!

    I can say one thing, I decided to try out Real Racing 3 and what I’ve realised is that the fundamental problem is that f1 mobile is 90% multiplayer 10% events whereas RR3 is the other way around and therefore your achievements are more self dependent in RR3. this is never going to happen in F1 mobile as long as you need to do duels all day long to get the necessary credits and boxes for updating your PI. F1 mobile is still more realistic but I’m starting to think that it’s not worth the aggro.
  2. Don’t know if it’s just me but lately the game seems to be a lot faster, I mean the track seems to come up to you much faster than before but it’s not reflected in the lap times. I seem to have less time to react to upcoming corners or other cars. Anyone else noticed this or am I just getting too old for this game?
  3. PB111

    They fixed Monza

    I accidentally took the shortcut when my breaks failed and guess what, my engine penalty went on and on and on half way down the straight.
  4. PB111

    Bad drivers

    Interesting how Real Racing 3 is all over the front page of the official F1 page and now codemasters are starting to listen to us.
  5. PB111

    Well this looks promising!

    Agreed, that’s exactly what I put down in the survey even though they don’t even ask our opinion on how it can be improved.
  6. PB111

    Any notable setup impacts in recent update?

    I’m having to use the brakes in places where I didn’t before and I’ve changed my setup slightly. Even though I haven’t improved the times with it, the car feels a bit more balanced which is unexpected considering the numbers on my previous setup where more balanced. Ive gone from 412, 421, 832, 394, 90 (2139) to 502, 243, 944, 282, 90 (2061)
  7. PB111

    Well this looks promising!

    I’m trying to keep an open mind about the new ghosting system but at the moment there is more ruined races than good ones. The ghosting is a bit too random, works sometimes and you get bumped off at other times and you never know when it’s going to happen. Needs more fine tuning I think.
  8. That sounds quite logical, I just can’t remember it being like that before the update.
  9. Ok, previously you could just add the numbers on the cards and they would add up to your PI Now i take out a card worth 150 and add a card worth 190 and my PI reduces by 1 What gives?
  10. PB111

    Well this looks promising!

    If you read the message from CM you’ll see that this is only temporary and they will be asking for our feedback. That’s the time to tell them what you think. After months of asking them to do something about the cheats, I think it’s good to see them trying something. From what I gather, they have other options which they will probably try as well so hopefully it will eventually be fixed.
  11. PB111

    Well this looks promising!

    Are you getting the “collision shield enabled” message come up before the race?
  12. PB111

    Well this looks promising!

    Just had my first taste of it and it worked beautifully. first corner at spa my opponent went straight through while i turned the corner normally. Previously he would have smashed on the side of me using me as his breakes. problem was after that, a bot stopped dead and i got a dnf. :-)
  13. PB111

    Well this looks promising!

    The way I understand it is that when you’re about to hit both cars turn ghost temporarily which means the rammer will pass right through you without interfering with you.
  14. PB111

    Smoke and mirrors

    Seriously considering it, sprint races are unplayable, only play grid starts if your setup is such that you can be at p1 before the end of the straight and qualifying you have to relearn a lot of the tracks because now I have to break in places where I never did before.