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  1. Salmis

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    It's EAu Rouge. Unlock 9,90€.
  2. Salmis

    How do you qualify?

    So if I start with softs and want to go soft med soft, I have to spare one soft set in quali? (I want the last soft tires to be fresh)
  3. Salmis

    How do you qualify?

    Ok. But let say I play short qualification and 50% (or 100%) race. In quali I have tires S S S M (balanced). I drive two hotlaps with two set of soft tires. Is the third set of soft tires available in race? Or in general what tires do I have in race, let say balanced allocation and short quali?
  4. Salmis

    How do you qualify?

    If you go only two runs, is the one set of soft tires (that you didnt use) available in race? If you want to go race strategy soft med soft, how to do it, if you want fresh tires for the last stint? Short quali.