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  1. Same issue here, sometimes i can join a unranked session but 80% not. I am using steam. BTW steam forum is full of those messages maybe for codemasters to read it ?.
  2. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Maintenance going now?

    Why not on the forum i haven’t FB or twitter of what ever of social media.
  3. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Maintenance going now?

    Ok and where can i find that ??
  4. I am not sure if i post it here on the right forum, but i am looking for a long time players who playing F1 2020 with the following settings: Assists Braking Assists: Off Anti-Lock Brakes: Off Traction Control: Off Gearbox: Automatic and suggested gears Pit Assist: On Pit Release Assist: Off Dynamic Rracing Line: Only Corners ERS Assist: Off DRS Assist: Off Fuel Assist: Off The most lobby's have everything on and they are quicker than me when i drive with the above assist on off when i also drive with al on i am about 3 sec faster but there is no fun to drive. Every night at 19:30 CET till 20:30 i make a Unranked Lobby (Simon Koel) but when people connecting they are leaving very quick because of the settings i think. My question is are there players who wanna race with me with these settings above if so Join me at 19:30 online. I have no time for league racing.
  5. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Unranked lobby with no assist

    Thanks i have created one and i love your passion Amiga computers 👍
  6. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Unranked lobby with no assist

    I am searching unranked lobby's with the following settings all assist off but only pit assists and racing line only corners activated. Its hard to see how the settings are in the lobby before you go in. The most of the lobby's allows all on and i wanna race against people with almost the same settings as me.
  7. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    Start the game and look for yourself !
  8. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Customised HUD f1 2020

    Ok thanks 👍
  9. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Customised HUD f1 2020

    Is this also for PC i can't find it in the OSD settings.
  10. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Infinite grip cheats in Multiplayer and TT

    Read this: https://simrace247.com/2020/07/18/f1-2020-prolific-cheater-banned-by-codemasters/
  11. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Realism of the Tracks F1 2020

    Correct me if i am wrong but i have heard that the tracks are not laser scanned for the game ?
  12. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Multiplayer cheats

    You are right my motivation is now also zero and when i play know online i keep in mind that someone has cheats. I know the cheaters are always a step ahead but when you have a anti cheat engine and you can be banned for life some people wont use these cheats that easy.
  13. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Multiplayer cheats

    Dear codemasters is this true. https://simrace247.com/2020/07/14/codemasters-do-something-f1-2020-multiplayer-cheats-revealed/ And if so what are you gonna do about it ? a sort of vac anti cheat engine for the game. And what will this say about online esports races. I know profesional esporters also use scripts or cheats. I hope you will make a anti cheat engine for the game and ban the cheaters for life.
  14. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Downshifting change

    When i use downshift i also brake so the speed is never about the 200mph, and if so than you blow your engine but thats not possible in this arcade sim.
  15. P3P70™ | 1969 - [NL]

    Downshifting change

    I hate the new downshift you can't control it by yourself sometimes i wanna go to the first gear from 5th and always stuck on the 2nd. I hope this will be improved.