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  1. lor1700

    AI nonsense tyre strategies

    doing career on 50% instead, its very realistic and good. quite every time me and Ham made the same strategy, with him lasting 1-3 laps more on S. maybe a bug on 25?
  2. lor1700

    Career mode. (How's everyone getting on)

    seas 2, mercedes since the start (no f2 made at the beginning) no major moves, in the end of seas 1 renault made a huge mess up and became the 2' force on r&d, also if RB is constantly 2' behind us and Renault is 3'. ferrari a huge mess down, now arriving with both only 7th-11th. so, in general quite fine, the only issue i see that only me and Ham fight every time for victory, the rest is quite far back (max always 3' since china but at +10-15'' every time). ps4, diffic. 90, no assists. if i put up the difficulty, Ham goes front like a shuttle and there is no race fight at all. that's a shame because i would want more battle with others. so, i stopped completely the development, in order to wait the others... ps: No SC depolyed ever, only 1 VsC. rain: not so much, in seas 1 only 4-5 events (race or qual), in seas 2 since baku (i'm doing it) NO rain at all.
  3. hello mates, a question: if you have residual points and you change team, you will loose them all or you bring it to the new team? (i played f1 2017 and i lost all of them but i dont know this system) i ask this because i'm in seas 2 but always mercedes and would like maybe on seas 3 in RB. thanks for the help
  4. lor1700

    How has R&D been changed?

    just started s.2 (mercedes as previous year). at the end we had in the the chart: merc, ferr, rb...... now i started s.2 and suddenly i find: merc, renault (????!! with a jump up incredible), rb and ferrari only being 6th.... not so realistic. i'll see the qual and race (just done p1+2+3)
  5. lor1700

    How to get a good launch off the grid????

    I saw that also is very good to set before the start, the ers at 2. This avoid too much spin
  6. lor1700

    way too much rain in career mode

    for me, ps4, career 1 (50% race), mercedes, was opposite: rain only in AUS (race), barc (q) and monaco (race). other than those, sporadic light rain in some fp...so very very good balanced.
  7. hello guys, i just would like to know your experience about this matter. career, seas.1, mercedes (not done F2). i started a quite normal upgrade, all done in resistance level 1, plus some aero, chassis and engine. now the Merc is clearly the 1' but not too much far away by Red Bull that now is upgrading really fast (just done Hungary). the matter is that i notice that me and Lewis are always in epic battles and the rest of the grid is very far away....ex: Hungary, Max 3' at 16''..... i'm playing at 95 (in f1 2017 was at 100). if i increase that, for sure the rest will battle more, but Lewis will go also (as happened making a test in Germany), like a supersonic jet and so impossible to beat.... anyone experience that? is a "bug" of these last versions? in 2017 completing 5 seasons, we were all on the same level more or less. thanks and peace
  8. my tests: career mode, season 1, mercedes, ps4: done totally germany+hungary: NO ISSUES. (FP, Q1, 2, 3, race at 50%)
  9. lor1700

    Monaco tyre managment program impossible?

    a solution? before fp1, put ai to 0 or very few value: you will move on every program with purple going very easily and not making suffer your engine.... maybe not the best for purists, but absolutely worth!
  10. done yesterday fp1/2/3 in germany, career, ps4 std and no issues at all. i'll go on pity only on monday with quali and race.....let's see but for now is fine.
  11. oh my god, its terrible!! i just did a TT today after 1.06 and all was fine, today i'll try Fp1 in germany and checks it (ps4 normal here)
  12. lor1700

    Simulating practice

    yes all correct, you can do it only before the FP1. be aware that this will make many laps to the car and for sure it will wear the engine more than doing it manually. moreover, it seems to catch std points as resources, not every purple in 5 programs.
  13. lor1700

    No sound during qualifying

    as me as well, in spain, ps4 (once and now im in austria)
  14. Scotty, it’s impossible. I change it every time before the race. Once you are on the grid, press strategy and you find tyres above and below the fuel. Highlight it and you can change manually (I’m on PS4)
  15. lor1700

    Team performance order after patch

    this will affect also careers ongoing? because i'm just ended france in mercedes and would like to see some changes, also if i have already upgraded the car....