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  1. lor1700

    Difficult settings

    just some update: done now australia at 50%. practice make perfect they said and well, moved quite easily to 90. enjoyed the race as it has given some different output.... in the end, we need (lets say at least me), practice! the road to return to 98 is long, but i feel the car better and a good setup today make really the difference.
  2. confirmed in mercedes too, not so good at 8th
  3. lor1700

    Difficult settings

    I’m happy to read comments from you guys, so this seems very harder this year. Moreover moving from 2017 obviously is far worse as the cars were totally different....I’ll try then a start at 80 and then move up during the season....more practice I think will help. @sven: Ford sure try a gp mode with your previous settings and you’ll see immediately if it suits you
  4. lor1700

    Difficult settings

    i've moved now from 5 seasons on f1 2017 (skipped at all f1 2018): no assists, except medium TC at 98.... tried almost 1 hour of 2019, i'm impressed how the cars handle very very different....so now, i'm struggling at 80.... i know i made a jump of 2 years but i am quite shocked by this difference. anyone experienced this great difference? thanks
  5. i confirm, NO possibility to choose. i skipped f2 and jumped in mercedes, got Lewis as teammate....
  6. lor1700

    POLL | F2 rivals in career mode or not?

    i'll skip totally. f2 is quite a joke and want real drivers
  7. lor1700

    F1 2019 Career Mode Teammates

    As far I have seen from f2 you don’t have the choice. Guys jumped in Alfa and automatically they kept Kimi
  8. lor1700

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    i've seen all the streaming (being italian i also discussed with them). so, f2 last 20 mins, no matter what you do or results are, you can choose every team in f1. career is totally equal to 2018, scenes, paddock and others r&d tree, contracts are equal, as well the r6d programs handling seems better/different (especially on curbs they said the car is smoother) honestly graphics is stunning you can modify the difficulty in every session (i remember than in 2018 you cannot at start as a bug) AI drivers are VERY aggressive, maybe too much f2 cars are very hard to handle and quite tiresome, but honestly, in the end, the careeer start is quite a joke, mostly for my 1' point above i played 5 seasons in f1 17 and skipped at all 2018. i think i'll upgrade to 19, just to move on and have some news, but who moves from 18, will find more or less exactly the same things. hope to be useful to someone...and cheers
  9. lor1700

    Nwes F1 2019 Carrière F1 F2

    Finally some news! So I can skip f2 and start a career from Mercedes taking off Bottas?
  10. thanks very much for the details, regarding: " F2 is integrated in the career mode. You will have to compete against two KI-Drivers in 3 different scenarios, that take place over the 12 race-Weekends of 2018 F2 season. Jan Ole compares the storyboard of the carreer rivalry with the old cm game "DTM Race driver". The two KI drivers will also folow you, when you step up into F1. " the main thing to discover is now: you can skip at all F2 and jumps directly in F1 choosing also a top team in the start? (ex: Merc or Ferr)
  11. The thing to be understood well is: to make a career mode you are forced then to start from f2? Complete it and Then be able to move in f1? You cannot start directly an f1 career and choose a team you want? im worried about that after an f2 season you can be called from some low ball teams and not start for example from a Ferrari or Mercedes?