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  1. lor1700

    F1 2020

    Well it seems that my post too was removed...maybe saying too much the truth before release has hurt someone . and yes, there are ppl around with a copy doing videos freely.....
  2. Hello, ps4 here, just arrived in France now and had 1 vsc and one full sc in Paul ricard after an accident. Old save so...it seems then to work, 50% race, difficulty 95
  3. lor1700

    Italiani presenti nel forum?

    ci sono anche io! Lorenzo, un pò vecchietto (45) ma da anni che gioco ai titoli f1 🙂
  4. lor1700

    Question about changing teams

    no, you will replace the new team 2' driver
  5. lor1700

    Wheres the SC?

    2 seasons made, 0 SC, 1 Vsc.... no words.... i previously played on f1 2017 (skipped 18) and had plenty, maybe too much also for minor incidents, but it added fun for sure...
  6. i've done it, in the option screen between ANY SESSION, you have the option to disable all, only mid transfer. very simple and once set, it will remain until you change
  7. lor1700

    French grand prix suddenly hard as hell!!??

    i usually run at 90 too, but in france had lowered to 88 qual and 85 race. did a great battle with HAM and was really hard. this year is a mess on diff settings, i used to run 2017 always at 98 and had only few "issue" sometimes....this year have quite to change to even battle with HAM that is worse than terminator in the film.... just to give you an idea, this is my 2' season values (in green already made) after this, i discovered to have to lower or increase for 3' season:
  8. lor1700

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    I ended Monaco last day (6th race) and started to have gears loss as It should be...so all fine from my side. the level was approx more than 85% of wear
  9. lor1700

    Simulate practice sessions (Resource Points)

    just did a test, career. in spain done all programs and catch 400 points, monaco: simulated and more or less 300. be aware that if you hit the button simulate on P1, it jumps directly to Q. so maybe its better to make p1, test some setups, then simulate p2+p3.