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  1. We are G-Force Racing League, an open for all skill PC racing league who is always looking for some fresh/new drivers and commentators. We are currently recruiting new racers for tier 1,2 and 3(full time and reserve) for the start of season 2, each tier has its own assist allowance!. What we have to offer you ○Active mods ○Nice community ○Clean racing, including lots of battles ○Challenging races ○Multiple skillbased tiers for everybody (beginner or advanced) ○A great opportunity for beginners to learn a lot ○Multiple events during the season What we expect from you ○Active member ○Clean driver ○Skilled or beginner, it doesn't matter we have tiers for both When do we race ○Tier 1 races on saturday at 8pm CEST ○Tier 2 races on wednesday at 8pm CEST ○Tier 3 no date planned yet, is set for start S2 League Info |Race| ○SHORT QUALIFYING ○50% RACE ○DAMAGE=REDUCED ○CORNER CUTTING=STRICT Join us now ○Discord:https://discord.gg/k3QnvfX ○Website:https://gforceracingleague.wixsite.com/gforceracingleague ○Twitch:https://www.twitch.tv/gforceracingleague
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    The maintenance is already 24h. Can you give us more info? I was trying to buy some Pitcoins.
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    I have 500:H aswel. I am on PC
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    We are GFRL, an open for all skill PC racing league who is always looking for some fresh/new drivers, commentators and streamers. We just ended S1 and are preparing everything for S2, which will take place in F1 2020. What are we looking for in members: *Clean drivers; *active members; *Respecting the rules; League Info: RACE: *SHORT QUALIFYING *50% RACE *DAMAGE=REDUCED *CORNER CUTTING=STRICT RACE TIMES: Tier 1: Saturday at 8pm CEST. Tier 2: Wednesday at 8pm CEST Tier 3: (No date planned yet) For more information you can visit our website at, https://gforceracingleague.wixsite.com/gforceracingleague. If you want to join our league join our Discord: https://discord.gg/k3QnvfX We also have a twitch channel where the races are being broadcasted live by our own commentators. (Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gforceracingleague)
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    G-Force Racing League Recruitment!! [PC]

    Just click on the link above the picture.
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    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Done! Hope to see some more content soon!!
  7. G-Force Racing League is an open for all skill level league. The league recently started and looking for members. We currently have a 10 race calendar before F1 2020 releases. It's a fresh team that wants a friendly but fast community. Some Quick Info * Races on Saturday 8PM CET * Short Quali * 50% Races * ALL assists allowed!! https://discord.gg/k3QnvfX