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  1. Both, as I said in the first post. I was using the pad on F1 2017-2020. Since F1 2021 I fully switched from the pad to the wheel, but I tested it with the pad aswell. I still can't get the point you are trying to reach tho, speed has nothing to do with cam, I'm sure that if I want to switch to cockpit cam it won't take more than some hours to be equally fast, I use T Cam to see better the surroundings of the car in a wheel to wheel action, not to be faster. Raw car speed is what this thread is about, not cam or AI
  2. Completely agree, this is not a discussion about AI or cockpit cam or whatever, I’m talking about the speed of the car which for me is too much. FIY I usually drive on esports setups, 110 ai and t cam but no one should care since I was not talking about it. Some of the comments are off topic, I would love if someone else can post examples of tracks, corners or straights which are different to real life in order to help Codemasters with something for the better of everyone
  3. Guys, just to inform you, I never talked about AI. AI speed is ok to me, I'm talking about the raw speed to the car. I'm one of the guys you mentioned here (call me tryhard or whatever) and I would really love to be closer to real life speeds. I don't mind getting a low 40 (my pb) or a 42.5 at Spa if that's the limit of the car and mine
  4. A detailed description of the issue: Fuel is locket to standard mode even in the outlap if you cross the strart/finish line before the end of the pitlane in Canada and Australia (other tracks may be included) Report Code: SMEV-DMEA-KTRT-EPMG Platform: PC Game-mode: Multiplayer The amount of players in your session? 17, the forum championship competitors, including @BarryBL Were you the host? No, it was BarryBL What troubleshooting have you tried? I tried other tracks, and I noticed that it happens only on some, but every single time Any screenshots or
  5. After some weeks of playtime, I want to share my feedback about the driving side and the cars. Almost everything regarding the game is great, I'm sure Codemasters are gonna solve the bugs, but I want to focus on the speed of the cars. I find it a little bit unrealistic, the speeds that the cars are reaching are insane and faster than the ones in real life (for example in the game you have to take a perfect line in order to take Copse flat at Silverstone, which I never managed to do, and with a decent setup, but that's not a downforce related issue, the main problem is the straight line spe
  6. I'll be back home tomorrow and I will buy the game, so I'd like to have a seat, even tho I'll be very slow since I'm switching to the wheel. As team, every team is ok for me :)
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