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  1. ok thanks for the help i think it worked! I deleted the files that were saved on my ps4 online and system storage
  2. The only thing that i was able to delete, was the progress of the demo
  3. Where should i find some leftovers. I don´t now. At the moment i try to reinstall the entire game from the library of PS4! Maybe this will work. Last time i downloaded the game from the PS-Store. Bute i will have to wait a few hours to see any differnce maybe...
  4. Good evening, Last month I played the test version of F1 2019 and I really enjoyed playing. Now I've been waiting for an cheap offer and bought it today in the Playstation Store (Germany). I uninstalled the test version last month for more storage space. Now I have downloaded the game from the store. Then I started it. After this the game showed me that I still have the demo version and should buy the full version. Although I have the full version I would be very happy to receive a quick answer because I have been looking forward to the game for almost a year. If you have any questions please let me know! Stay healthy! Sorry for my not perfect english 😕