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  1. Please make sure to do the following: - Post this into the F1 2020, Technical Assistance section. - Use this as bug report template: - Sharing your computer specifications would also help. This data is required for the moderators/developers to understand your issue. Their answer might not be the quickest, so patience might be needed. You could also try re-installing the game, maybe some few files were not downloaded correctly.
  2. Wait a bit. Moderators like Barry or Steve will come to you as soon as they can. Patience is needed, as they cannot deal with everything at the same time. If you don't get a reply for a very long time you can mention(@) them. Sometimes they can miss these problems due to the activity in the forums.
  3. Barry has already said this is considered for the future but not for now, I doubt we'll have it for F1 2021 but we will have to wait until game gets released. If this wasn't added be patient because the development team is already aware about this feature.
  4. Here's another video from Alex Gillon catching features or things we didn't notice in the Features Trailer.
  5. Correct. The real reason of why is probably because: They will need to spend more time on developing it in order to make all of the F1 2020 cars eligible for every mode, and also for their own section too (Time Trial and etc). From what I have seen in gameplay and information, only 5 out of the 10 cars from the 2020 season are elegible in Braking Point; the rest are from the 2021 season (livery) -- atleast from what I have seen from the features trailer, but this could change. I think the reason of this is due to lack of time -- but maybe all 2020 cars will have the right livery
  6. I'm not sure it will be included in Braking Point but it surely will be included for all career modes.
  7. Of course -- this is just my point of view from what we have seen so far -- I'm aware that things can change at the game's final build. I don't think they will be so evolutionary but maybe there will be a change, and not to forget the Focus stat.
  8. Some of the footage in the trailer was using an engine for making cutscenes -- so it has nothing to do in-game I believe. The Canada shoot (0:36) was a cutscene, so was also the F2 2019 part (0:23), the Alpha Tauri's crash (0:21), and a few others. Some though were from in-game replays. I'm sure they did those exclusively for Braking Point and make them have the feeling of being more dramatized and better-looking. I believe the AI hasn't changed much, probably they have re-worked something but surely not revolutionary at all. Although I have seen the AI going wide in some corners esp
  9. The new F1® game is looking promising despite the price, and DiRT is fun to play especially when you have nothing to do. Good stuff CM.
  10. Please make a full bug report using the base multiplayer bug reporting template: This will help the devs/managers understand your issue and help you correctly.
  11. I'm sure they are already aware of these cheaters and I'm hoping they could take action on that -- it's most likely that the cheater's lap times will not be removed for F1 2020 but maybe they have new measures for F1 2021, at least that is what I'm hoping for. All I know is that, for sure, they are aware -- so they might think of how or what they could do, not sure if they did something about this though.
  12. I'm not Italian but ciao e benvenuto ai forum! My italian is not the greatest as you can see, but I really like the italian people and their culture -- pretty kind and funny people, to be honest. F1 2021 will be a great game I agree. Have a great time here at the forums!
  13. Eclipsium

    Tyre Wear

    So basically our tyres will be gone for next game, Bono...
  14. Not possible due to lack of time they have got. It takes a lot of months to, not only do the full track layout with its full textures and uphills/downhills, but also for collision, AI & SC following the racing line and acting, assists (braking and racing line), check for laps; track limits and/or when a yellow flag could be caused, etc. These tracks usually takes around 8 months, or more. So it makes sense why Codemasters are releasing the new tracks in a post-launch patch. If Codemasters have already been working with historic tracks for F1 2022 then it might be possible, but we
  15. I know this was already said, but: Let's say you are the head developer of F1 2021, and you see that you might not have time enough to finish the new layouts from Spain and Australia. What would you do? I would rather leaving them as how they are (2020 layout) than updating them and for the game's launch have lots of bugs in terms of AI or SC following the racing line, collision, car stability, assists on the rebranded corners/straights, etc. That would really put Codemasters in a bad looking position. It is much better if they do not update them than they rushing to update it. If th
  16. This thread is a pure roller-coaster 😅. Of course not driving as a clsssic avatar, or having the name audio or whatever could be worse for those looking to drive as their idol but personally it isn't a big deal. Of course it makes the Deluxe Edition have a worse image of itself considering it's price but if you don't want it then go for the standard. At the same time this kind of attitude was not needed considering its just a video game, and while it's something that Codemasters should have done, it is no reason at all to start cursing or get mad. I'm not trying to offend or
  17. Here is also a video from Alex Gillon explaining the main new features. For those who don't know what was added/removed/re-worked, here you go 🙂.
  18. Yeah, but the problem is that they would have problems with collision, car stability, AI, racing line or track limits if you just port it into the game. They also have to do the track changes if the track is too outdated (only for this case, if it isn't too much, then Codemasters might leave it as what it was). They also would need to change sponsors (either replacing them with other ones or just "F1 2021 The Videogame" sponsor). And there's also if FOM allows it. Let's remember we had a few classic tracks for F1 2013, so I'm not sure if it would be a problem for this year and forward.
  19. About advantage I actually understand you. Sometimes you go off-track and rejoin losing about 0.4 yet still get a warning. However as I said, it's not a big deal to consider. While yes, I did get annoyed at some point, it's also a bit like this in real life. You cut a corner, even losing more time than you would taking the corner properly, and you will get a warning. You are not wrong though.
  20. I actually agree that the corner cutting penalties are not the very best, but I don't think they are that bad. There are corners where you can get a warning/invalidation easily at where in real life you wouldn't, and also the opposite too, though. This video is an example of this topic. In real life you can take a few corners wider, while in the game it is easier to invalidate. Sometimes it's kinda frustrating, I would admit. Codemasters might look at this in the future, but in general, it is not a big problem.
  21. Try next year mate. Also being desesperate won't help too much into your participation at the beta. Just to let you get this: the main point of being a beta tester is to test features, check if everything goes as it is supposed to go, do bug reports if you find any, etc -- not just play early and that's it. Not to mention that the beta build is very different from the builds that YouTubers play. You also have to follow a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which if you do something you weren't supposed to do, then you might get permanently banned from your participation at the beta.
  22. Yeah -- as an example you will only have default team liveries (so no official F1 teams), you will have less features due to testing purposes and you CANNOT show gameplay footage to go public or show it to anyone. You also need to read the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) where, once you apply, you agree on everything such as rules, terms of service and etc and if anything is done wrong, your participation at the beta could end permanently. But if you know this, then perfect. It is unclear when the F1 2022 beta applications would begin, not even the game's release, so I'm not sure. I would
  23. I'm pretty sure they already do in F1 2020 but for this game they pit even earlier than they use to do. E.g.: in F1 2020 they would only pit under SC two laps before pit window, and for F1 2021 it seems to pit laps earlier than that. So it's an improvement I guess.
  24. If you are still having this issue please make a full bug report. https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/52-bug-reporting-please-follow-rules-and-complete-reports/ But first to make sure, I would like if you provide a screenshot of your problem.
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