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  1. The Slam Slider

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    I have a question for Codies. Despite knowing that we can choose how our calendar can be in terms of length and track choosing, are we going to be able to change the points system? Lrt´s give the example that I want to bring to the Career Mode a custom points system or one from the previous years. Is that possible for this year´s game?
  2. The Slam Slider

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    My thoughts on the sounds: Renault: the best one for me. The only tweak that I would have is that the turbo whistle volume is just a bit higher. But just a tiny bit. 9/10 Honda: it sounds more like a Renault than a Honda. The turbo whistle needs to be dropped. 6,5/10 Mercedes: needs more work on it. Sounds "metallic". Maybe it´s not the best adjective... 7/10 Ferrari: Reminds me a between the 2015 Ferrari and the Honda. 7,5/10 Overall, they sound good. Definitely a step forward compared with 2019 where the rev sounds where too low. This first show of the sounds shows that we´ve had a here a strong foundation with some room to improve. Great job so far Codies!
  3. Today at 9 am Aarav, Ben, JD and iContrast released Exclusive Gameplay of F1 2020 where they did some time-trial. I gotta say that I´m, really happy why what we have so far. Good news about the handling model that was changed and now is more pleasing to drive the cars. You feel more downforce and the braking zones have been slightly shortened. Hopefully, the brakes are improved as well because I don´t like the 2019 brakes where I always feel nervous because it´s easy to lock-up. In a nutshell: the cars are faster and like Aarav said: it feels Season 2 Career cars. Can´t wait to try the Red Bull after Ben saying it feels so good in the corners. In terms of the sounds, I can´t say anything because they are the same. Maybe it´s the sound we´ll have on the FOM car. For me, it sounds like a mix of Honda and the F1 2021 RSS for AC sound. But nonetheless, it sounds really good. The kerbs in some tracks were redesigned. For example, the last kerb at Ascari is less deadly now. You can mount with more confidence now and some tracks are now wider matching more real-life thanks to the feedback from F1 drivers. Conclusion: this Early-Build looks really good. Definitely a step forward. Can´t wait to see what is in store for us in these next few weeks. Give your thoughts as well 🙂
  4. The Slam Slider

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I can´t wait for the results. Fingers crossed I get picked. Really curious to see what the game has to offer!