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  1. Pro's on UI/UX 😛
  2. This is also a bit too hard bright. Easy solution, just make it black 50% instead of white 🙂
  3. On this screen you can see, that its very hard to have a quick and good overview about all the settings which are relevant for online lobbys. What kind of corner cutting setting, safety car on/off? Please display all settings back again below like in F1 2020. Thx
  4. We need a menu design like this over the complete game:
  5. Hi, can you please have a look on the custom multiplayer lobby menu? Its a pain to set up the lobby while in F1 2020 it was so easy and fast to set up all things like Track limits, weather, race duration,... in one menu/window while its not separated by like 4-5 different menu windows. You really should get most of the settings into one menu window to allow faster setups of the lobby. Thx 🙂
  6. Guys, the menu burns your eyes away. Please, pleeeeaaasseee introduce very quickly a more eye-friendly menu design or a dark mode. Its not the intention of Windows and literally every other app to bring dark modes when you release a bright white menu! 😄 Thx!
  7. Hi guys, first of all, thx for the early release. However, this release seems like a yoke for now. Can you please explain us what you have changed apart from the UI, sounds, and some new asphalt-textures? There are not even updates on the tracks which obviously copy+paste from 2020 and we still miss the apex expansion introduced way before this season already. This one is EVEN already on Google Maps. I really hope that I will find some differences in the game later on, Lobby changes (maybe people who ram won´t get into your lobby, or are clearly shown as ramme
  8. Three other friends got it. I am sad. 😞
  9. I know this but this wouldn't change if nobody is moving first to speak about an DLC 😉
  10. Hi Codemasters, we know why you did not update the game according to the real calender but what about the following idea? Ask F1 if they're up to sponsor a DLC version for the F12020 to simulate all the tracks driven in 2020 by a additional DLC. This would make the game more real, a lot more fun and we would get all the amazing tracks to drive + more money for you and F1 obviously. Whats stopping you going that way? F1 2020 is almost boring for me as we drove the tracks several times, since 2-3 F1 versions or more. And the new tracks are simply amazing! Netherlands wa
  11. I have the same problem with my G29. Neither on PS3 nor PS4 mode working anymore in F1 2019 latest update on steam. Did all steps mentioned above with regedit and tried with Ghub and LGS. I have some feedback on the wheel until the own control of the car kicks in in the game. No vibrations or feedback thereafter.
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