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  1. Will there be different pit times on Multiplayer? 😄
  2. Do you need help on the graphics department? Or to check and adjust tracks up to what they are looking like now?
  3. xTiMm_

    Track limits and penalties

    Rules, what ever - but can we not get it a bit more realistic? Austria with 1.01.xxx or 1.02.xxx is not possible and if you see them racing and making hot-laps, getting extra points + more money for fastest laps and pole positions with "cutting corners" or exceeding the track limits, it feels a bit unrealistic and not fair.
  4. xTiMm_

    Track limits and penalties

    Austria is completely bugged out with track limits! You just have to watch a real race and if you drive like they do - you'll never find your best time! And its not just Austria.
  5. xTiMm_

    Austria last corner exit

    And that would have been a invalid lap time due to track limit in F1 2020 (and 2019!)
  6. xTiMm_

    Austria last corner exit

    Here you can see what I mean. The green area. Goes until there: Source:
  7. xTiMm_

    Austria last corner exit

    Hi, in Austria you could see in the first race that there is such a "meter" of protection for the grass at the end of the apex from the last corner. See here the photo: https://i.imgur.com/SUsuSuX.jpg Thats missing in F1 2020 - seems to be "new" for a faster exit and to not get on grass. Maybe you will add it. Thx
  8. I have the same problem with my G29. Neither on PS3 nor PS4 mode working anymore in F1 2019 latest update on steam. Did all steps mentioned above with regedit and tried with Ghub and LGS. I have some feedback on the wheel until the own control of the car kicks in in the game. No vibrations or feedback thereafter.
  9. xTiMm_

    [PC] Hard lags randomly in MP-session

    I don´t ask for a patch directly for F1 2019 but more importantly to have a big eye on multiplayer for F1 2020!
  10. xTiMm_

    [PC] Hard lags randomly in MP-session

    I don´t think that I will deinstall the official update tool of my mainboard just to MAYBE get rid of lags caused by the game. On other games like Call of Duty (all on max), Rainbow Six Siege (all on max) or others, I can play 12hrs without seeing this.
  11. Hi, after a few races in multiplayer, I encount some increasing and heavy lags. You can see them in the video! Game version: Steam, 1.22 You can recreate it by opening a online MP session and drive several tracks in a row. I can see these lags almost every time we race some tracks in a row. Even a friend if he is going to open it. Quick hardware overview: i9 9900k GTX1080 32GB Ram I also took screenshots of the task manager to see if there is any strange hardware-usage. Please Codemasters, Formula One's 12 teams are worth a combined $4.05 billion, and the average F1 team is worth $337 million with an average annual revenue of $145 million. You represent this sport with a absolut outstanding looking game with very nice physics, gameplay and fun! Fix the multiplayer-issues. This is absolutely fun-killing if you drive a good race and it finishes with lags or a crash because of lags/ping problems. Thanks
  12. xTiMm_

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Hi, is there any time frame when the beta is going to start?