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  1. There were no driver transfers happened except swap deal between me and Leclerc so hope same thing happens for my new career too. However, Is it pretty normal that all AI drivers remain in same team in second season? cuz I've never experienced this in 2020 and It's bit weird to see no driver transfers happening at all..
  2. I see.. I will start new career with Williams and see whether I will be teamed up with Max when I switch team to Red Bull for second season
  3. I skipped F2 and was able to choose teammate for the first season in F1. Not sure abt F2 as I always skipped F2 career..
  4. I thought moving to Ferrari after finishing first season with Alfa Romeo would replace Sainz as his performance was really bad in my Career Mode bt nope! It was Leclerc who was replaced and back to his former team instead.. I was really disappointed to see I would always go to 1st driver seat no matter what teams I choose for next season in 2020 but It seems Codemasters has done nothing to fix this in 2021 as well..
  5. Looks terrible and don't think game runs as next-gen version..
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