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  1. I would not mind a sequal to 2019 GRID & an updated version of GRID 2019 for PS5 & Xbox Series S/X that uses the capabilites of both machines like Ray Tracing & near instant loading through both machines SSDs.
  2. In your single player Races like My Team & Driver Career how do I make races longer than 5 laps how do I get back the 25% of race laps.
  3. I am probably in the wrong thread for this but I am having a different issue the game is not letting me pit in to change tyres to Mediums from Soft tyres I am in My Team Career Mode First Season Round 19 Race USA Track Circut Of The Americas System Xbox One all the other Tracks Races no issue. I also have the game on PC & PS4 but I havent got that far yet in those versions. I am runniong casual settings AI lowest level 25% race distance one shot qualifying all 3 practice rounds also Patch 1.07. I hope that helps
  4. Am I the only one who wants different HDR peak options for different TV sets or a toggle on or off in the options menu also a screen size adjuster dont get me wrong mine is fine but I just thought say even though it has not come up yet the game may not fit peoples TV screens properly or the HDR maybe off for different people with their TV alot of different TV picture options is always a good thing but apart from that I have had no issues & I am enjoying my experience with the game. I know people are not going to like this but the very easy difficulty is just right for me as I always play o
  5. no im not or do I need to raise the difficulty level of the game to get the full 19 race season in career.
  6. Is there anyway of getting a full season in career I am playing career on easy and I have the williams team and it is only setup as a 7 race season how do you go about of getting a full season in career that is racing on all 19 tracks of the 2014 championship that would be from the first race in Austrailia all the way up to the last race in Abu Dhabi.
  7. you guys are right I just did the whole race without pitting and I won the race.
  8. Oh will you not get disqualified it is a pitstop that is already pre asigned and you cant remove it I thought that if  you do not pit in you would get disqualified I will have to try it and let you guys know what happens.
  9. Hi I am doing carerr on very easy with all assists on so far I have been winning races and mostly qualifying on pole well I qulified 2nd on the grid at interlagos brazil and its an 18 lap race on a 100% wet track well I have it on the preset pit lap which is lap 9 thats ok I have no problem with that.How ever what I do have a problem is that none of the other AI drivers pit so technicly all the ai drivers should all get disqualified yet they dont as I am sure that it has been stated in the rules that each driver has to pit at least once per race so because none of the other drivers pit I do no
  10. Oh thanks for your help guys I no longer have a PS3 to play games on as someone tried to help me by telling me to go in to the secret PS3 menu and go to restore file system did that and apperently according to my system an error occured and my PS3 hdd has been corrupted and I have to format it.And I am not going to do that as I have to many hours of gameplay on there and the online storage did not have enough storage space for all my game saves so I did not back them up on to it.So if I format my hdd I loose all my game saves.So again thanks for your help.  
  11. well I have just tried it unpatched a litttle while ago on my PS3 and still nothing.Then I have just tried it on my Nephews PS3 patched and unpatched and it works fine by the way he has a super slim PS3 the one with the top loading blu ray tray while I on the other hand have a slim PS3 that has a front loading blu ray tray.
  12. Hi there Just purchased F1 2014 for PS3 patched it to 1.01 now it will not go past the first loading screen where it just has the F1 2014 logo a spinning circle then underneath that the text loading I have tried quitting the game and rebooting the game and nothing.Does anybody know whats going on and has anybody else experienced this.
  13. ok I had no idea someone had posted a question already sorry.
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