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  1. dangerousbrian0

    F1 2020 Informations

    To be honest we may have to look at it this way with the way the world is at the moment there may even be no F1 2020 this year we may have to be realistic about it. We may not like it but we should start thinking about all the developers & how it is affecting them at the moment if most of this country is on Lockdown & can only go outside for essential things & go to work & with Pubs,Clubs & Restaurants being closed down to try & slow down the spread of the virus how are the developers going to be able to finish the game in time also I dont think Videogames are essential part of living so we deal with certain yearly franchises not being released sorry to burst all of your bubbles but I am just being honest. Plus we have no Idea what is happening with the 2020 F1 season at the moment we know they have brought the summer break forward but it might even be cancelled altogether that is why they have posponed the 2021 season rule change in to the 2022 season.
  2. Hi there I am just curious is the Dirt Rally 2.0 Year One Pass a bundled version of both Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe Content Pack & Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe Content Pack 2.0 ( Season 3&4) at a much cheaper price I know it might sound a stupid question I hope you understand what I mean in otherwords if I purchase the Dirt Rally 2.0 Year One Pass for £44.99 do I get both the Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe Content Pack & Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe Content Pack 2.0 ( Season 3&4) which cost £24.99 each I know I have probably asked the same question twice but I thought I would try & make it clearer what I meant about what I was asking.
  3. dangerousbrian0


    To be honest I thought that was what we were getting an updated version of the original 2008 GRID game when it was first anounced the problem is I never kept updated with this version to see what this game was about but either way I am still enjoying the game though & I think that is what should matter if you are enjoying the game or not.
  4. I dont know if anybody gets this & what I am on about but here goes to start off with I have GRID 2019 for Both Xbox One & PS4 & purchased the Ultime Edition physicasly what I am enquiring is that on Xbox One I had to download & install everything the 3 Seasons The Auston Martin car & the VIP booster but on PS4 all I have had to download & install was the VIP booster & the Auston Martin car why is that yet when I go to the PS Store on PS4 & search for GRID I click X & go to Ultimate Edition Upgrade & it says I have purchased it I then press X but instead of saying installed jnder the GRID large thumbnail it says Download with the PS store logo in the right hand side of the box does that mean I still have things to download if so I cant if i press X on the box it just flashes then goes back to the page with the GRID thumbnail & the download box. Is anyone else getting the issue or am I the only one.
  5. dangerousbrian0

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Am I the only one who wants different HDR peak options for different TV sets or a toggle on or off in the options menu also a screen size adjuster dont get me wrong mine is fine but I just thought say even though it has not come up yet the game may not fit peoples TV screens properly or the HDR maybe off for different people with their TV alot of different TV picture options is always a good thing but apart from that I have had no issues & I am enjoying my experience with the game. I know people are not going to like this but the very easy difficulty is just right for me as I always play on very easy with all assissts on & I am winning races & qualifying in pole with ease as that is how I enjoy playing driving games with not much challenge or no challenge at all it should be about how different people play the games with all different skill levels.
  6. A little while ago I redownloaded F1 2010 on PC from steam as I recently got a new PC & of course I know there is no GFWL anymore so I cant fully update it properly I started playing the career I did the practices & the qualifying I go to do the race & it locks uo during loading the race I know it is an old game but is there anyone else who has or had this problem & is there away around it I currently have uninstalled it or is it because like I said there is no GFWL no more & I cant fully patch it to the final update that it had.
  7. If I was to get the physical version of the standard F1 2019 will the legendery DLC be available on its own at a later date as I assume it is a limited run for the legendery editionm of F1 2019.
  8. dangerousbrian0


    If I was to get the physical version of the standard F1 2019 will the legendery DLC be available on its own at a later date as I assume it is a limited run for the legendery editionm of F1 2019.
  9. I thought I would update this post I now have dirt 2 running & I am now able to save my game thanks to all of your help I only have to remember not log into games for windows everytime I want to play the game.
  10. Ok I have got it running I just can't save it as I can't sign in to activate the game key because obviously the Games For Windows servers are shut down. I did what you said but I could not find one of the files to copy over & it was this one xlive.dll.cat all the rest I just dragged & dropped & then I uninstalled the Games For Windows client but it still will not play the only way I can play it is having the Games For Windows client installed & running the game that way but like I said I just can't save it because I need to be online but there are no online servers to connect to like I said earIier I dont know why Codemasters just did not do a Dirt 3 & code it to use ssome other servers instead or just code it so you can play & save offline.
  11. I just disabled my antivirus booted it up from steam as I usually would do & still nothing it is still not starting the game.
  12. Well I just checked my firewall & it is ticked for allow apps on both public & private computers I think.
  13. Hi I have just recently just got a new gaming PC & I am trying to get Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 to run on Windows 10 through steam My PC spec is Intel I5 8400,GTX 1060 6GB,8GB DDR4 Ram,2TB HDD I have installed but when I try to run it nothing comes up on my screen but if I look in steam it says it is running then it just disappears & I dont know what to do& I very much doubt Codemasters will do anything to get it to run properly.
  14. dangerousbrian0

    how do I go about of getting a full season in career.

    Ok no problem sorted it out now thanks.