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  1. Thank you. Btw I think Codie should bring more info about the online modes, and they should improve more that aspect of the game. I would apprecite more attention in the future to online.
  2. Bottas 92 score, still 99 awareness, still being a joke. #NerfBottas
  3. There will be crossplay between Ps5 and Ps4 or those of us who play on Ps5 will only play against Ps5 players?
  4. I also think abut this. Nerea Marti is a young spanish driver that is my friend and this year were going to compete in W Series. Another two good female drivers to be create are Sophia Floersch and specially Jamie Chadwick who has a great future and i think she will compete in F1 in a few years.
  5. My options: Jaguar-Renault Toyota-Honda BAR Honda F1 Team BMW-Honda Lamborghini with ferrari engine or surprinsingly being the official team of Honda, Honda-Lamborghini F1 Team Another options were Jordan-Reanult or Jordan-Honda and Minardi with Ferrari engines.
  6. It is perfectly understood that no new circuits will arrive in this year's game. But would it be possible to see the circuits, if new ones were included this year (Algarve, Mugello, Imola ...) in next year's game?
  7. Im doubting between Toyota-Honda F1 team with Honda engine or Jaguar. But idk which engine fix more with Jaguar. Jaguar-Renault sounds great for instance.
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