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  1. Rafetagamer 2.0

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    RafitaBeti Ps4
  2. Rafetagamer 2.0

    My Team online with a friend

    For future games, it would be great to incorporate the online myteam mode to play with a friend on the same team as the two drivers of the created team. It could be with a friend both against IA, and online against other 2-player teams in online leagues. What do you think of this idea?
  3. Rafetagamer 2.0


    Hard work for Codemasters with these livery changes. I imagine that it will be patched in Day One.
  4. I also think abut this. Nerea Marti is a young spanish driver that is my friend and this year were going to compete in W Series. Another two good female drivers to be create are Sophia Floersch and specially Jamie Chadwick who has a great future and i think she will compete in F1 in a few years.
  5. My options: Jaguar-Renault Toyota-Honda BAR Honda F1 Team BMW-Honda Lamborghini with ferrari engine or surprinsingly being the official team of Honda, Honda-Lamborghini F1 Team Another options were Jordan-Reanult or Jordan-Honda and Minardi with Ferrari engines.
  6. Rafetagamer 2.0

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    It is perfectly understood that no new circuits will arrive in this year's game. But would it be possible to see the circuits, if new ones were included this year (Algarve, Mugello, Imola ...) in next year's game?
  7. Rafetagamer 2.0

    My Team: option to create a team with 2 real drivers

    No, i dont say that other option was two drivers and only manager. In each race you have to choose one of your real drivers to compete. I prefer this than the obligation of racing with your driver. For that, the my career mode exists. And my team although was similar than Motorsport Manager that isn't bad. In fact, imo would be a cool thing.
  8. Will we have the option of having a team made up of two real drivers or will one of you be required to be my created driver? I think it would be better if both options existed, I would at least prefer to just be a manager and leave my driver for my career mode.
  9. Im doubting between Toyota-Honda F1 team with Honda engine or Jaguar. But idk which engine fix more with Jaguar. Jaguar-Renault sounds great for instance.
  10. Rafetagamer 2.0

    The Official League (PS4)

    Im newer in looking for a leagues for a F1 2019 Ps4, where can i write the code to search the league?