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  1. You do realise that engine displacement doesn't matter? The cars still produce 300BHP anyway and they have the same weight limit. Suspension is newer on '11 ones but like you mentioned restrictions came regarding electronic aids, so it should level out nicely. Putting an '07 car against an '01 ones is a complete and utter nonsense. Do YOU realise that BHP number of the engine isn't the only ability what tells about cars performance. The torque curve is in completely different class and it affects to the power curve also. Peak power doesn't matter at all because you use slightly mo
  2. It would just make no sense to put 2l cars in 2010s class. '11 WRC cars had more changes than the engine displacement, for example the lack of electronic driving aids and they also started to use cars from B-segment instead of C. I also think that the C4 is very strong candidate in this update because of the Citroën-slip in car manufacturer list and also because of the red favourite car comment. Just my five cents.
  3. If the 1,5M value is a fact, then there is only four or maximum of five cars coming? 1x 2010s - 650k 1x 2000s - 500k 2x R4 - 175k/each Or two 2000s cars, two R4:s and one older car?
  4. DS3 is under DS brand, not Citroën's. Short body etc...
  5. On Steam forums in answer where KickUp listed car brands in DR he mentioned Citroën. Maybe C4 or Xsara coming next week?
  6. R4 confirmed! Squirrel is 27 characters too short.
  7. Maybe one of the achievements is "Fully upgrade THAT car"?
  8. I also like 1,6l WRC and R5 cars so much it must be somehow weird... Which one of the coming updates contain the Ascona 400? :)
  9. I'm guessing that Polo and DS3 is going to be added in 2010s and the new class would be Group R.
  10. Hi! Big fan here, thanks for the great early access! But, in Rallycross tracks you can cut corners couple of times before it leads to disqualification. For example in Höljes you can do 35sec lap time (normally around 37sec) if you cut hardly the first left corner, before the joker entry. The time penalty comes to the total race time, but the cheated lap time is shown in fastest lap times, which makes the comparison between people slightly unfair.
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