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  1. i did a simple F2 test on grand prix and had a 12 when i choose "sprint and principal". i was surprised because i was waiting an 11. So i dont know if the 11 is not used anymore.
  2. Dear @Hoo it's me... Again... 😄 int8 m_sessionType; // 0 = unknown, 1 = P1, 2 = P2, 3 = P3, 4 = Short P, 5 = Q1, 6 = Q2, 7 = Q3, 8 = Short Q, 9 = OSQ, 10 = R, 11 = R2, 12 = Time Trial since the last update the R2 in F2 2021 is became "12". bug or update ? Regards
  3. Hello @Hoo 1. news about telemetry damage ? 2. where i can found the car id for new f2 ? Best regards
  4. So @Hoo i am not sure if the bug have been fix on the new today patch. generally on patch note there are sentence about udp telemetry, but today, nothing. If you can inform us it will be cool
  5. @Hoo the dev are on this ? i am multiple customer who ask me why he doesnt work. One month ago (2september) i did test and confirm what Eric said. Best regards
  6. people don't read. it's been 3 years all new guys don't read. just they ask this. it's almost one by months... When it's not the player name, it's the delta. I will suggest that if the keyword "player" and "delta" are used on this topic by a new guys, the message will not send and his acccount will be banned 😄
  7. if people don't have their telemetry public, the data stay to 0. Me i am working on lobby where i force people to put their telemetry public
  8. I noticed that and make some tests on unranked lobby. the car must have big "hit" to obtain damage on sidepod and diffuser. for rear and floor, i didnt create damage. if the two others was working, my code was good
  9. I need help from you other dev to make a test and check if you have the same behavior. When a racer broke his car during the race, the m_resultStatus on packet 2 is a 7. when some racer started to pass the finish line, at a moment all this guy who crash, the telemetry send me an update and the m_resultStatus became a 4. Do you have the same behavior ? @hoo if it's true, why don't send a 4 directly for those who broke their car ?!
  10. je gère environs 70 ligues avec mon IGK TAS, et les pseudos ne sont pas un soucis
  11. revois ton code. Et pour les noms. utilise la fonction recherche dans les précédents topics de telemetrie 2016,2017,2018,2019,2020. tu verras les nombreux débats, solutions proposées pour se voir imposer des "non" de la part de codemaster
  12. they was 2 post about telemetry udp 2020. they delete the one where your post and keep the other one. the URL of the post you are seaching was this one => https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/50942-f1-2020-udp-specification/
  13. Okay but on my yesterday session, a guy jump on a HAAS and obtain the number 16 (leclerc's number)
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