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  1. I would like to know too when the green light is used to be able to calculate the reaction time for racer 😄
  2. The warning are already send on packet 3, it's an event. but if you don't receive the packet (some packet are lost) you never know the real number of warnings. So yes, I would like the number total of warning have his own field (on packet 2) like penalty have it on packet 2 (lapdata).
  3. 1. Thanks a lot 2. on your point 1 you wrote in packet 3. you wanted to say packet 2, right ? 3. on your point 5, i think the m_lapDistance is giving the lap distance even if i do donuts (I need to check that). so for me, it's not a reliable value, but i will check Thanks a lot for this !
  4. My wish list for telemetry 1. like penalty, a warning field in packet 2 will be welcome. Actually warnings are send only via packet 3, if you miss the packet or it is lost on the internet you miss the warning. 2. I would like to know when a stop and go is did/paid by a racer. We know when he receive one (packet 3) but never when he paid one. 3. The full list of assist used. not only abs and traction. line, breaking assist, pit, etc. 4. On a lot of league where i work with, it's forbiden to put start during the race. To detect start i use a combo when i detect that the assists change
  5. Hello @Hoo I found something who is a bug for me. When a Player join a lobby in qualification after everyone and took a car, the car number send by the telemetry is not his but the official one. ex : if i join late and i took the hamilton car, my number send via telemetry will be 44 I have a lot of features i would like implement, but maybe it's not the moment. Tell me when i can share my list and let see what can be accepted. Thanks
  6. I create a post on the topic to said that i want be part for the telemetry. i invite you to do the same. I hope it can increase our chance to be taken to explain on the topic why we apply ;)
  7. LOL Lying is bad and boring. https://forums.codemasters.com/search/?q=delta &type=forums_topic&item=50942 And go read this message who is PAGE 1 of this topic...
  8. read first pages of this topic. and use search function next time. people ask this one by month almost
  9. I want be part of the beta program. but the beta program is not here to help you to have your program ready, but it's made to be sure they will have NO bugs. We have some bugs on telemetry and we need beta to fix them. (last bug found, the traction control never display intermediate, only full or off) I was already angry against some of you who are selfish on beta 2020 and think more to their app than to found bug. So please. Think for the developer's community before think to your personnal app. Thanks
  10. @markundsteffiHello At "start" pilot took stop and go packet 3 (event) Type 1 (stop and go) If the pilot pay his penalty in pit when he stop again, there are nothing. the penalty doesn't exist. if he don't pit again, when he pass the finish line, you receive a packet 3 (event) type 4 with reason "unserved penalty" (44) i hope it's clear
  11. I receive the SPTP when i am spectator. Never use the FTLP so i can't answer
  12. With 1.07 we will have the avatar number, not the official one. I test on PC ;)
  13. the lap age on the HUD are crazy. some stay at 0. some are upper than the lap. https://youtu.be/N3HxUJXR8Nw?t=1946 COS_Thibaud have 0 laps with his hard tyres
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