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  1. JPalmer

    Faulty Co-Driver

    Hi, do you have any advice for how to adjust the audio channels, i`ve verified the game and its no better and also turned the surround sound off on the logitech software and it still doesnt work.
  2. JPalmer

    Faulty Co-Driver

    It would seem even the developers do not know how to fix this issue on there own game. Real shame as all the past dirt games i've played have been enjoyable but the lack of co-driver really does ruin a game based on rallying.
  3. JPalmer

    Faulty Co-Driver

    Hi there, I am playing Dirt Rally 2.0 on PC using steam to launch the game etc. My system is Windows 7 x64 and i have a logitech g430 headset. I can hear all other sounds apart from the Co-Driver who only occasionally says 2 or 3 notes during a stage. This leads me to believe there is an error with my game and not the sound source as i have played the sound out of multiple different devices with different set ups with no success. The Co-Drive usually only speaks 3 notes on Australian stages mid stage and this makes playing the game to its full potential difficult. Any advice would be appreciated as i am competing in the eBRC this week and would like to be competitive.