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  1. abdulmd1717

    Xbox | Ambition Racing

    XBOX ONE F1 2020 LEAGUE | MyTeam Multiplayer Experience | Ambition Racing is a new league striving to create the MyTeam experience inside of multiplayer. To do this we are looking for: • Drivers • Team Principals • Stewards Our main goal is to create an authentic and interactive experience for all drivers and principals. There will be assessment races, on F1 2019, where each driver races to show off their skills, and then there will be a driver auction where each team principals bids for their driver lineup. Money is everything in this competition. Each result will give virtual money to each team and for every £1,000,000 bonuses will be handed out to help the drivers on track! https://discord.gg/vycPFWU
  2. abdulmd1717

    Username changes on F1 2019

    oh right, thanks
  3. abdulmd1717

    PC, Xbox, Stadia & PS4 F1 2019/20 League

    Hey, i am running a league across all platforms on my Community Discord. We will start when F1 2020 comes out. There will be a One-Shot Qualifying, with a 50% race, full season on the F1 calender. .We race on Sundays at 7PM British Standard Time, all platforms at the same time. The Assist Regulations for All Platforms The Assist Regulations for All Platforms: PC Assist: Braking assist: Medium, Anti-lock brakes: On, Traction control: Medium , Gearbox: Manual w/ suggested. Pit Release assist and Pit assist: Off , Racing Line: 3D, Corners only (ERS is already Auto with overtake button) Xbox and PS4 Assist: Braking assist: Low, Anti-lock brakes: On, Traction control: high, Gearbox: Automatic. Pit Release assist and Pit assit: Off, Racing Line: 3D, Corners only Stadia: Braking Assist: Medium, ABS: On, TC: High, Gearbox: Automatic. Pit assist: off, Pit release: optional. Racing line: 2D Corners Only https://discord.gg/QFYCQ3V
  4. abdulmd1717

    Username changes on F1 2019

    So, you can change your username, but hoe do you change your multiplayer name on Xbox F1 2019
  5. abdulmd1717

    How to change/rename player name

    But how do you rename your name for multiplayer, because I can’t change it
  6. abdulmd1717

    F1 2019 Xbox League

    Hey guys, so I've been thinking and i have started my own league on F1 2019. There's no one joined, but there will be, its a proper league, with a zero tolerance policy. We allow anyone, but no toxic racers or people. We allow all assists, except both pit assists, forced off. We do a quick One Shot Quali, and we do a 25% race with a normal Points Scoring System, but then we do a 5 lap REVERSE quick race, with a separate point system, and there will be 2 championships, one including these points and one excluding, just for some fun really. Need anymore info, contact me on my discord: Abdul#7079 to join, join this discord, will love to see you there https://discord.gg/T9PGcgv Thank you, Abdul
  7. abdulmd1717

    Xbox One F1 2019 Esports

  8. abdulmd1717

    Xbox One F1 2019 Esports

    Hmm, i dont know what is happening, the discord isn't working, but we have another one, just look on my account 🙂
  9. abdulmd1717

    BFR (Xbox) Tier 2 League Races Needed

    Hey guys, we have now got a tier 2 Xbox league. This is PROPER RACING AND ALL CLEAN, NO STEERING WHEEL REQUIRED, NO RATING NEEDED. Our races are on Mondays and Saturdays at 7PM BST/8PM CEST, Sometimes a bit later because of timings. So, 50% Races, Short Quali with Formation lap. Proper replica FIA Stewarding ASSISTS: ALL ASSISTS ALLOWED, EXCEPT PIT ASSISTS AND PIT RELEASE ASSIST THIS IS CLEAN RACING, please guys keep it clean https://discord.gg/8VnAhQC I hope you join and have a good time with us, we will really appreciate it
  10. abdulmd1717

    BFR (PC) F1 2019 LEAGUE

    Hi guys, we are a league called Blue Flag Racing, we race on Sundays at 7PM BST or 8PM CEST. No specific region, just work out the time. Proper clean racing and have many talented drivers. Assists: All assists allowed BUT Pit Assist and Pit Release. Manual Starts 50% Races, Short Quali, Formation lap Stewards are included and we have a commentator Link to the discord: https://discord.gg/8VnAhQC I hope you guys join us and have a good time
  11. abdulmd1717

    Hey, I'm looking for a F1 2019 leagues on xbox one

    Hi, we have a league called Blue Flag Racing abd have 2 tiers for Xbox, with proper clean racing, Races are on Mondays and Saturdays at 7PM BST/8PM CEST (sometimes a bit later) https://discord.gg/MZq6ww
  12. abdulmd1717

    Xbox One F1 2019 Esports

    Xbox One ESports, From the UK but anyone can join. Everyone starts in Formula 2 2018,then the best move to Formula 1. Lots of people needed, won't start the league until a certain amount of people is met. Here is the discord linkhttps://discord.gg/J8uFac Pit assists may not be on for any event, corner only racing line is allowed, TC can be on Full due to controllers, anti lock brakes allowed, ERS on Manual, Race Starts Manual, Gearbox on any Anymore info, don't hesitate to contact
  13. abdulmd1717

    Xbox One F1 2019, looking for a team

    Hi, I'm looking to join an F1 2019 Esports Racing Team on Xbox One I don't have a steering wheel, but i do play with all assists off except for antilock brakes, medium traction control and on some occasions Corner Only Racing Line If you want me to turn off these assists I'm fine with that, im just looking for a team that has active and lets say 'proper' drivers. Racing from Britain
  14. abdulmd1717

    UKRL XBOX F1 2019 League

    I'm interested in joining, my username is abdulmd1717