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  1. Hello!
    Formula Y is now accepting sign ups for Tier 2 for PS4, and we want you to sign up now.

    We have 6 races until the end of Season 1, and Tier 1 is now full (PS4), so we need drivers for tier 2 now, and you can join us.
    Tier 1 is at Sunday at 7PM GMT/8PM CET
    Tier 2 will be same time 

    We allow all assists except for Pit Assist


    We have just opened an Xbox league also, and we need you to join us.

    Monday 8PM GMT/9PM CET

    We allow all assists except for Pit Assist.

    Join us here: https://discord.gg/QFYCQ3V

  2. Hello! Formula Y is a league that runs on PS4 and Xbox One (PC may come soon). 

    Formula Y has been around since July 2020, but we haven't had enough members to sustain an Xbox League, and we need your help. PS4 also needs drivers. 


    PS4: Sunday at 7PM GMT

    Xbox: Sunday at 5PM GMT

    All assist allowed, Strict CC

    We really hope you join our league, it's a fun place, none toxic, for drivers to have fun, and race competively. We have an excellent stewarding system, and a very professional way of sorting incidents. 


  3. Hey guys,
    Formula Y is a league that has many players for PS4, but we have just recently started an Xbox league, and we need drivers ASAP.

    The PS4 League is ran on Sundays at 7PM BST
    The Xbox League is ran on Sundays at 5PM BST
    All assists are allowed except for the Pit Assist


    Anymore questions? DM me on discord


  4. Hello gamers, 

    Formula Y is a league that runs on PS4 and Xbox (separate leagues). We race on Sundays at 7PM BST, we need more racers for both leagues and we need more active racers for xbox. This is a chill league that lets anyone race, no matter how fast or slow they are. 


    We don't allow Pit Assist

    If you are interested, please join the discord, only if you can race on most weekends though, we don't want inactive racers as they will be removed if they have an uninformed absense


  5. Our league is a league on the F1 2020 game, inspired by real life F1, career mode and Formula E. We try to create the best experience for all skill levels and with it try to create exciting and fun races. 

    So you may ask, what is it that makes this league so special? This list below explains that:

    1. A human steward team: we have the penalty system in the game still working, but the real life stewards can overrule and add to that. This way there won’t be any unfair penalties.

    2. Reversed grid: the first race will be with a randomized grid after which we will work with a reversed grid. This way the championship will become more exciting!

    3. Unexpected rules: every race will feature a few unexpected rules. For example, a set amount of mandatory pitstops, a set amount of times you have to hit a set curbstone. All of these rules will be made public 15 minutes before the race to make for some interesting strategies. 

    4. The possibility for a team to be really “a team”. This means that when a team has a team boss or an engineer they will be able to communicate with eachother during the races for optimal teamwork

    5. When we have more drivers there will be more leagues, so after each season there will be teams going up or down in the ranks. 

    6. And more of these features!

    The league is being run through discord and there all of the updates will be done. So if you want to join, learn more about us, support us, or just want to view the races, join the discord! [ Link:


  6. 12 minutes ago, grimbo95 said:

    Hi, this league sounds awesome like is this a nooby league for like hardcore racers or a serious/casual like for average drivers to join? Cheers

    A casual one for drivers to join 🙂


  7. Hello there! Blue Flag Racing (BFR) has entered its 2nd season. We are looking for some clean drivers for xbox and PC. All info is below. 
    Xbox Race Day:

    Tier 1 Xbox: Saturday 6pm BST/7pm CEST
    Tier 2 Xbox: Saturday 7.30pm BST/8.30pm CEST
    Tier 3 Xbox: Sunday 7pm BST/8pm CEST


    PC Race Days:

    Tier 1 PC: Sunday 7PM BST/8PM CEST

    Tier 2 PC: Sunday 7PM BST/8PM CEST
    Rules and Regulations

     -  Race Settings
    Short Qualli's
    50% Races
    Strict Corner Cutting
    F1 2020 Cars
    Equal Performance
    Weather Dynamic

     - Assist Restrictions
    The only assist you can't use is pit assist

    If you're intersted feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/bM8umZC. You will find the sign ups form there, fill it in and contact the admins for a seat.

    We hope to see you there!!

  8. Good Afternoon! BFR has entered its 2nd season, and we want more drivers for Xbox and PC, more PC Drivers is nice. All info is below :). 


    Race Day: 

    • Tier 1 Xbox: Saturday 6pm BST/7pm CEST
    • Tier 2 Xbox: Saturday 7.30pm BST/8.30pm CEST
    • Tier 3 Xbox: Sunday 7pm BST/8pm CEST
    • Tier 1 Pc: Sunday 7.30pm BST/8.30pm CEST
    • Tier 2 Pc: Sunday 6pm BST/7pm CEST


    Rules and Regulations



     - Race Settingss

    • Short Qualli's
    • 50% Races
    • Strict Corner Cutting
    • F1 2020 Cars
    • Equal Performance
    • Weather Dynamic

     - Assist Restrictions

    • The only assist you can't use is pit assist


     - Race Settings

    • Short Qualli's
    • 50% Races
    • Strict Corner Cutting
    • F1 2020 Cars
    • Equal Performance
    • Weather Dynamic

     - Assist Restrictions

    • You can't use pit assist and braking assist



    If you're intersted feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/bM8umZC. There you will find the sign up form, fill it in and contact the admins for a seat.

    We hope to see you there!!

  9. Carreras Esports is an F1 league that needs drivers for Season 1 as we dont have many for PC or PS4, but anyone is welcome to join

    We have a Short Qualifying with a 50% Race. Sundays at 7PM British Summer Time.

    All assists are allowed except for the following:

    -Pit Assist

    -Pit Release Assist 

    -High Braking Assist (med and low allowed)


    The discord is linked here, hope you have a good time at Carreras Esports: https://discord.gg/QFYCQ3V

  10. Blue Flag Racing is a well established F1 league, with 139 members, this league is run for Xbox and PC. We have 2 tiers each. Xbox races are at 7PM BST/8PM CEST on Saturdays; PC races are Sunday, 7PM BST/8PM CEST. You will have to submit Time Trial times of Canada and Britain. We will start a tier 3 depending on numbers. We run a short qualifying with a 50% race.

    Assists: All assists allowed expect for:

    -Pit Assist

    The discord link is here:


  11. XBOX ONE F1 2020 LEAGUE | MyTeam Multiplayer Experience |

    Ambition Racing is a new league striving to create the MyTeam experience inside of multiplayer. To do this we are looking for:
    • Drivers
    • Team Principals
    • Stewards
    Our main goal is to create an authentic and interactive experience for all drivers and principals. There will be assessment races, on F1 2019, where each driver races to show off their skills, and then there will be a driver auction where each team principals bids for their driver lineup. Money is everything in this competition. Each result will give virtual money to each team and for every £1,000,000 bonuses will be handed out to help the drivers on track!


  12. Hey, i am running a league across all platforms on my Community Discord. We will start when F1 2020 comes out. There will be a One-Shot Qualifying, with a 50% race, full season on the F1 calender. .We race on Sundays at 7PM British Standard Time, all platforms at the same time.

    :attention:The Assist Regulations for All Platforms :attention:The Assist Regulations for All Platforms:

     PC Assist: Braking assist: Medium, Anti-lock brakes: On, Traction control: Medium , Gearbox: Manual w/ suggested. Pit Release assist and Pit assist: Off , Racing Line: 3D, Corners only (ERS is already Auto with overtake button)

    Xbox and PS4 Assist: Braking assist: Low, Anti-lock brakes: On, Traction control: high,  Gearbox: Automatic. Pit Release assist and Pit assit: Off, Racing Line: 3D, Corners only

    Stadia: Braking Assist: Medium, ABS: On, TC: High, Gearbox: Automatic. Pit assist: off, Pit release: optional. Racing line: 2D Corners Only


  13. Hey guys, so I've been thinking and i have started my own league on F1 2019. There's no one joined, but there will be, its a proper league, with a zero tolerance policy. We allow anyone, but no toxic racers or people. 

    We allow all assists, except both pit assists, forced off. We do a quick One Shot Quali, and we do a 25% race with a normal Points Scoring System, but then we do a 5 lap REVERSE quick race, with a separate point system, and there will be 2 championships, one including these points and one excluding, just for some fun really. 

    Need anymore info, contact me on my discord: Abdul#7079 to join, join this discord, will love to see you there https://discord.gg/T9PGcgv

    Thank you, 


  14. On 5/6/2020 at 11:48 PM, Jfryer said:

    The link isnt working. Have you filled all the spots?


    Hmm, i dont know what is happening, the discord isn't working, but we have another one, just look on my account 🙂

  15. Hey guys, we have now got a tier 2 Xbox league. This is PROPER RACING AND ALL CLEAN, NO STEERING WHEEL REQUIRED, NO RATING NEEDED. Our races are on Mondays and Saturdays at 7PM BST/8PM CEST, Sometimes a bit later because of timings. 

    So, 50% Races, Short Quali with Formation lap. Proper replica FIA Stewarding


    THIS IS CLEAN RACING, please guys keep it clean


    I hope you join and have a good time with us, we will really appreciate it

  16. Hi guys, we are a league called Blue Flag Racing, we race on Sundays at 7PM BST or 8PM CEST. No specific region, just work out the time. Proper clean racing and have many talented drivers. 

    Assists: All assists allowed BUT Pit Assist and Pit Release. Manual Starts

    50% Races, Short Quali, Formation lap

    Stewards are included and we have a commentator 

    Link to the discord: https://discord.gg/8VnAhQC

    I hope you guys join us and have a good time