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  1. Sorry, yes, 100% joking (besides when i said "Nice work", however I guess that could have been more sarcasm, so I understand the confusion). I know that there aren't a team of people trawling forums just to instantly jump on any bug report so I was genuinely impressed that a fix was being tested already. Thank you again!
  2. What, you've had 2 days and you're only now just getting round to testing the solution?? :disappointed:  Nice work, thank you!!
  3. While I'm very happy to police the Steam and Online Event leaderboards, I wouldn't be comfortable enforcing punishments in Leagues. I'd rather leave that up to the owner of each indiviudal League. Well if we look at it properly, you're not enforcing a punishment in the Leagues, but you are enforcing a punishment for abusing an error in the Race.net system, specifically the League section in DiRT Rally. Basically it's like banning someone for abusing the alt+f4 bug in dailies. Also... once a cheater, always a cheater, so the sooner you ban him the less problems in the future for everyone e
  4. That WAS the tease for Dirt Rally!
  5. Did we just teleport back a year? :)
  6. I know that your times show up on Racenet as you are going through a league, so to get away with this method you'd have to hope that nobody happened to look at your position in the league over the course of the hour or two that you were restarting it. Admittedly, that won't happen too often, but it would do enough for people to be seen doing it occasionally. A further worry is what happens if you're offline when the game tries to upload to Racenet? I had my connection break mid-stage once and it couldn't upload the time, I just reset the router and carried on and at the end of the next stage i
  7. The cars are exactly the same mass between v1 and v2. The effect of the aero (downforce) is more accurate hence the perceived reduction in weight. What we had in v1 was way too much and very primative. What we have now is much more complex and accurate but I'm not going to claim it is perfect.  Rewriting the aero again to make it even more accurate is going to take a long time as it is incredibly complex mathematics. We will then have to rebuild every single car from the ground up to support it.  The simulation team moved mountains to get v2 into the game but a v3 is not going to h
  8. Were you camped outside their office or do you work for Avis?
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