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  1. have recently been watching a lot of f1 qualifying laps for a case study I am doing on the effects of tech on F1. I have noticed that a lot of the tracks (specifically Singapore and Monaco) have absolutely no bumps or angulation. Singapore is known as the bumpiest track on the calendar yet it has nothing. There are also insane dips and rises throughout the lap (1st corner and most of the second sector) Is this something to do with the engine that the game is run on and limiting codies or are they just being lazy????
  2. Hey all, Anyone know how to fix the COVERING OF THE SCREEN with the CWOS glitch? As a league racer this is detrimental to all types of racing atm and we are all looking for a fix. If there is no fix, can we bring this to attention as this is LITERALLY GAME BREAKING Kind Regards
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